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Advice to New HCG Dieters - Lessons Learned

  1. FloridaMel
    Lessons Learned:

    Follow plan exactly and do not cheat - no lotions or artificial sugars (only stevia). Look at the labels - there is sugar in EVERYTHING, even broth!! Only turkey broth seems sugar free.

    Get a carb crave supplement like Crave-X. I could not have done this without that supplement. Greatly reduces hunger and cravings - I actually have none!

    You MUST have strong vitamin supplement for this diet. No pills - get a liquid supplement that absorbs quickly.

    You will need B-12 for energy. Again, no pills - get the liquid under the tongue drops.

    You must drink a LOT of water - a LOT. Use pennies to equal a glass - start with 10 pennies and put them in cup as you drink.

    I found that drinking a hot drink (tea, water w. lemon, coffee) will help with mid meal hunger.

    Eat the apple mid meals

    I stayed away from the melba altogether.

    Get the Bragg's brand raw apple cider vinegar and Amino Acids (I found them at Target). Cook with them + water. Plenty of taste and they are outrageously good for you! I add stevia to the cider to make it sweeter - cooks down with apple taste. Add apple slices too.

    Stock up on every variety of Ms. Dash and use the hell out of it.

    I found the fish meals were most filling. Tilapia is cheap and yummy with the Braggs amino on it (tastes like soy and is salty).

    Don't use any salt - use the Braggs instead. Salt = water weight.

    You MUST move the body. Walk up and down the street or the 10 stories of your office building to get the lymph draining. This process generates a lot of waste and you have to get it out or it slows the loss.

    You must have regular poop. I went down to 1 per week because of such small amount of food. Found out I am clinically constipated. John Wayne died with 75 POUNDS of poop stuck in his colon!
    So in week 4 I had to add probiotic and fiber pill for colon health. Weight dropped much faster

    EXPECT plateaus - no matter how good you have been. Frustrating, but a fact.

    Look for inches to cheer you on. I take a front and side photo every monday morning.
    Now I wish I had taken pics of face and legs. The weight came off the extremities first. Center looks very same, but instead of solid, it is loose and soft.
    My legs are REALLY thinner, so is face and finally arm wrestler arms are thinning out!

    Post your progress and failures!
  2. lpr11354
    Thats very informative carb cravings =crave x kk andwhat if you have water weight via pre-menses ?
  3. lpr11354
    My failures the 1st 1st time was not loading correctly so i bombed and went across the street for xie xie pork dumplings lol
  4. gurlyluxury
    Great advice!
  5. Kyook
    Thanks for the suggestion to take photos. I am only on day 12 and need some incentive.
  6. Alya
    I'm starting today, I really appreciate your advice.. Looking forward to my new journey.
  7. JasmineTea
    Thank you for your advice. I failed 2 times. On my 3rd try, but cheated last weekend... I'm determined to stick through it for another 2 weeks.
  8. Leeniewho
    Thanks for the advice. I'm going to take pictures, that's a great idea.
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