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P2 Day 21 Down 15.6 pounds

  1. FloridaMel
    Good news - I am down a pant size! LOVING the baggy fit for sure. Seeing big loss in my legs and front tummy and now arms. Waist line still puffy.

    Bad news - I am slowing down on weight loss - although steady, much less than previous weeks. Only 2.2 pounds last week and I have NOT cheated at all. Going to see Dr today for possible adjustment.
    Won't make my 30 pounds in 30-40 days at this rate. I do NOT want to repeat this diet.
  2. LeeLeeandHams

    So yay 15 lbs down! That's a huge amount! I know on hCG we are all expecting miracle amounts of weight loss, but 15 is still something to celebrate. I have been perusing the other threads and it seems that a lot of people consider the fast metabolism diet for p4. I decided to read into it (as well as the Sonoma diet--thanks for the info!) and I really think the FMD could be something to continue weight loss after hCG if you are not at your goal weight. I know I was telling you before that I was considering a second round, but I might not need to. I think I'll be doing FMD for 4 weeks after P3 ad hopefully I will be able to lose a bit more. I am still stuck on -8 lbs today which is P2D16. I know that that is about -.5/day, so I am only expecting to lose 20. I am also going to try adding in some more exercise this week to see if I can't kick up the weight loss at all. But overall, I am not going to beat myself up about not losing the whole 35 lbs in one round. It's possible, but not guaranteed. I am just going to do the best I can and feel okay knowing that there is no "end date" to this. My goal is to lose as much as possible and be as consistently good at this diet as possible. I think that will give me the confidence to move forward.

    Also! My book my doctor gave me says if your weight loss starts to stall/slow down to drop the starches, red meat, tomatoes, shrimp and asparagus. Not sure if you want to try that (the diet is restrictive enough!) But thought that might be helpful in the future.
  3. FloridaMel
    I need to look into that fast metabolism diet.
    Dr said it normal and common to plateau in week 3-4.
    I'm moving again - praying to drop below 160 for next report! on mobday Haven't seen that in 20 years!
    Keep the faith!
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