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Started VLCD on Monday!

  1. LeeLeeandHams
    Hi all!!

    I am new here and would love a little support and to give a little support

    I am not great at this or any kind of expert. I am on day 4 of the VLCD and ready to really give it my all! I have had an issue with eating way too many melbas and I definitely miss my carbs but I want to be in it to win it and am going to cut the breads out entirely per Grammy's suggestion

    Hopefully we can support each other here because God knows this is a tough thing to bring up to people in the "real" world. I would love to post our goals and maybe weight loss and struggles daily or weekly!

  2. FloridaMel
    Hey L
    Welcome aboard - people seem to read but not reply so let's just do our little pep rally without them!
    I am on Day 15 (starting week 3).

    Please ask your Dr for Crave-X or similar to help cravings. I am also on a liquid vitamin supplement (not pills - get much better absorption with liquid).
    The first week was the hardest with the cravings because I didn't have the Crave-X. MUCH better now and the vitamins really help a lot on the morning when all we get is a little fruit.
    The Dr. also gave me digestive enzyme/ My blood tests showed that I wasn't absorbing well (I didn't even know I had issues). Wow what a difference - I feel much better with it!
    I honestly am not sure I could do it without the additives. I also found that sipping (not drinking) coffee is helping with the tween times. I don't think I will ever be happy with the 100 g meat portion size so I take tint bites and chew a lot!
    Oh, and this week I felt like I needed a B12 shot I was rather lethargic this weekend.

    But I do see that I am learning to actually enjoy healthy food and can see that it won't be hard to make it a permanent part of the diet.

    Give a progress report!
  3. LeeLeeandHams
    Hey Mel!! I didn't realize you had replied

    Well, I have to say, I don't think I've been as perfect as I could have been. I'm on P2 D10 and have lost 7.4 lbs, but then I gained 2 after last night. I tried out soy sauce, and well, I guess that was a bad choice. My doctor has given me MIC injections to add weekly as of today. I also have a problem absorbing vitamins (this is an amino acid/B12 blend).

    And per someone else's suggestion I picked up some L-Glutamine to help with the carb cravings. Where did you get liquid vitamins? Sounds like a great thing to try to add

    Also, though I might have had a slow start, I feel like I am slowly doing better and there's no way I'm giving up. Hopefully I have a loss to tell you about in the next couple days

    Let me know how you're doing!!

    I initially wanted to lose 35 lbs, but with all this floundering the first week or so, I think I am going to do 2 rounds and hope for about 20 lbs each round. I have an Italy trip planned the beginning of April and I would like to feel comfortable eating some delicious carbs and come home and do another good solid 40 days on hCG Round 2
  4. FloridaMel
    Soy sauce! Oh No! = water retention (salt) and sugar. Gotta be very very careful.
    I got the liquid vitamins from my clinic. They said try to find "naturally sourced" products that aren't artificial. Liquids always better than pills.
    Sounds like the digestive enzymes will be good for you also. I notice I feel hungrier without the crave-x. I am sure there are similar products online.
    Need to address the hunger for long term success.

    If you are going to Italy, check out the NEW Sonoma Diet. It is Mediterranean based. If you study now and take the book/concepts with you, you can enjoy Italy and not gain weight!
    Stay away from a lot of the pasta as a general rule - plenty of other goodies! Sonoma has a book and/ or you can join online for $4 week. I am thinking of doing that after I go to P3,
    rather than drop off a cliff and stumble around trying to find the right foods.
    I need more direction and this program gives you specific recipes - eat this recipe for bfast, this for lunch, this for dinner. Of course you don't have to do it that way but it makes it very easy.

    I need to lose 35 pounds also, but I don't want to do 2 rounds of this. I really need more intake. I am not suffering but also not the happiest. Looking forward to P3 so I am not cheating no matter what.
    But as I said, the crave-x REALLY solves that issue and I don't have any cravings.
  5. LeeLeeandHams
    Gosh I wish I had your discipline!

    Things haven't been amazing. I called my doctor and told her the trouble I was having. She told me to take one day off, don't inject, and have a planned "cheat" day with an apple day the next (that was this weekend.) I don't think I was mentally prepared for such little food. She said I needed to reset my mind and get back on track.

    Well--here's to next week! I am not going to cheat this week no matter what! I have digestive enzymes as well as L-Glutamine and I have a whole food vitamin my doctor recommended for easy digestion. I am going to take on this next week as best I can. Thanks for being my inspiration!

    I'll check in tomorrow--and actually every day this week. I am going to do so much better
  6. FloridaMel
    Make sure to get something for the cravings - I could not do this without it.
    Read my update post today.
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