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Great Group, but no one is posting! Newbies and Veterens are Welcome!!!

  1. Rusty
    When I first started (even before) HCG, I needed to be with people who understood the long road I was going to travel. I thought this group could help, except no one posts here anymore.

    I thought I would take it upon myself to resurrect this group.

    To reach my ultimate goal, I will be losing 175 lbs. Currently I am down 65 lbs, and getting ready to start R2 (I went 70 days VLC). I love to support those who have the same long road that I am travelling, and in turn, be supported.

    The key to success on HCG is encouragement. We all need it. We don't need to be put down, or told that we are being scammed (like we haven't been scammed before!), or that all the weight we lose, will come right back. Since we are so much over weight, there really isn't anything that the "skinny" crowd can tell us about losing weight, we know all the rules, now we need to apply them, stay strong, and move forward.
  2. Rusty
    Come back folks! Let's put a bit of life into this group! So many need the support and love that only those who have been there (and ARE there) to gain encouragement!

    Come on in, have some coffee, share!

    Know that you aren't alone!
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