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HCG is helping, but what about after?

  1. Rusty
    If you cruise around the Forum enough, you will run into new diet plans that have been tried. Some with success, some, not so much. Some seem a little crazy (cabbage soup? Seriously? Yucch!), some seem sound but there is usually a catch (price being the main "catch").

    I have had some great successes with a couple of these "diets", which aren't "diets" in the conventional sense of the the word. The first is the Leptin Reset (Leptin Rx), proposed by Dr. Jack Kruse (www.jackkruse.com). Leptin works with the hypothalamus (the gland that HCG resets) and works very well in P3. The LeptinRx encourages increasing protein consumption. It begins with having a "big *** breakfast" (BAB) within the first 30 minutes of waking. Up to 50 grams of protein. For lunch and dinner having a healthy meat/veggies meals (no carbs, no sugar, no grains, etc, just like P3 proposed by Dr. S). The LeptinRx takes about 6 weeks to complete. The large, protein filled breakfast gives your body the fuel it needs to function well. By feeding your body after a long fast (sleeping), your body will be rarin' to go. Many find that they don't eat lunch, they aren't hungry. So, they wait until dinner (at least 3 to 4 hours prior to going to sleep). There is no snacking allowed during the reset.

    The LeptinRx also fits well into Paleo eating. This is a way of eating before we humans had farms/agriculture. Lots of plants, lots of animals (yummy!), some HEALTHY fats. Minimal sugars (fruit), no processed foods, no grains, no/limited starches, no sugar. Once we transition to P3, we are eating very much Paleo. Check out some great sites: www.marksdailyapple.com (primal eating), www.robbwolf.com (paleo eating).

    I really am a believer in these eating styles because they work. With HCG, I lost 60 lbs. While in P3/P4, I lost another 9 lbs. I wasn't trying to lose weight. In fact, I was very stable at about 3-5 lbs below LDW, the other 4 lbs were recent, probably because my body is ready to lose more weight (I still have more than 100 lbs to go).

    I am starting Round 2 Saturday, and go VLC on Monday, which I am really looking forward to (I like eating P2!).

    If you haven't thought about your eating plan after HCG, I encourage you to check out some. This is what I know, if we go back to our old eating habits, we will gain back everything that we lost, with interest (read more weight), and all our hard work will have been for nothing. Since we need to change our eating, I invite you to check out these eating plans.

    Whether it's going Paleo or it's cousin Primal, or Atkins, or Weight Watchers, or just sticking with the USDA recommended (though not by me) diet, I do hope that everyone will make the changes necessary to maintain good health.
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