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How much do YOU have to lose????

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  1. fromfat2phat843
    So, i was wondering if anyone joins this Group how much do you have to lose? I'm @ 420 now, and will be loading Sunday, and Monday.....I want to get to 199.9 to be at my FINAL goal, and my BMI is 67!!! WHEW what a longggggg way to go lol....I know i should be around 140-160 for my height( which is 5'6 and a half) but i dont want to be THAT small Anyways anyone else???
  2. christibot
    I really should lose about 150, but I'd be happy if I could lose 130.
  3. fromfat2phat843
    OK, I been checking this thread seeing if ANYONE have said something in i have NOT seen this reply Im soooo sorry.... Being that i have alot to lose i think im going with my FIRST goal of 120 LOL... Then on to the next 100!!! SIGH..
  4. refinedwithfire
    Hi all,

    I joined this group bc once upon a time I DID have 230 to lose, but I am now down to only needed to lose 75 or so.
    But even that will only get me to 180, which we all know isn't skinny.

    I started at 410, and over. The last 13 months I have lost 50 thru HCG.

    My current short term goal is 245 by the time I end P2 in 9 days and hopefully 225 by the end of the year as I am planning another round in late August.

    I would love to hear your plans and what you all are doing. Are you doing strictly protocol? Are you doing extended rounds? Are you addin in exercise? What are your short term goals?

    I think I look pretty good at a size 16 and 225lbs, of course that is my lowest adult weight ever! If I can get to there, I will worry about the next goal after that!

    Take care everyone!
  5. fromfat2phat843
    Hey Teresa Wow!!! I must have missed you when you said you were OVER 400?!!! Dang! So happy you dont have much more to go! Well for me i will be doing a long round p2 about 60 days a few days off in Sep then back on for awhile OR whenever i lose 125 pounds which ever comes first... Then i will hit p3 for awhile im thinking 4 weeks then see where i'am in gaining or losing...Man if i can get off the first 130 I WILL BE SUPER DUPER HAPPY! As i told you before i dont look my size so 200 on ME will look like 150 LOL...I'm over 400 now but ppl dont believe me SOOO WE WILL SEE!!
  6. refinedwithfire
    hey lady,

    i am currently doing a 64 day round, but I think I have decided that I will not do a round over 50 days again. I have really just been bouncing around 254 for the last 10 days and it is getting frustrating! I have 10 days of VLCD left, hopefully I will break the 250 barrier!!!

    Then I will start another round mid-august once my travels for the summer are done!

    I am nervous about p3, but we will see what happens!!!

    take care,
  7. utopia33
    Well I am new. New to the forums AND new to the HCG diet
    I loaded on July 2 and 3rd. I began phase 2 on the 4th. So far I have lost 6lbs. My starting weight was 337 and now I am at 331.
    I know there is a shorter way to write this, but I havent caught onto the short hand yet
    I have to say I am happy to see a group for people that have a LOT of weight to loose. I have so little sympathy for those who "struggle" with 30lbs (unless they have fought their way down to 30lbs from 100lbs lol)
    I have so many questions. Do we have any veterans on here?

    I would love to know what happens after P3. Do you just put all the weight back on like other diets? Also is is possible to use the HCG drops and not follow the protocol and still be successful?
  8. utopia33
    just realized I didn't answer the question LOL
    I need to lose at least 150lbs
    I am 5'3 and weight 337lbs
    long way to go......
  9. Talinda
    @ utopia,Hi,I have been on hcg now for 15 days,I am diabetic and hypothyroid,no,I dont follow strict protocol.I started hcg @ 250 after loading.Let me add I was on Herbalife for 3 months and lost 30lbs. It just wasnt happening fast enough for me so I started hcg.I have gone from 250 to 235.I still do my protien shakes.I have to have a little than 500 cals. a day due to the diabetes.I'm allowed up to 1,000 cals. I dont put in that much (except for this weekend) I REALLY went off protocol and had a slice of pizza and birthday cake,I weighed in this morning @ 240.So,dont go THAT far off protocol. Instead of using skim milk on your cearel or in my shakes I use Silk light,it only has 60 cals. and less sugar content than the milk and tastes really good,if you get the vanilla flavor it has 70 cals. and tastes even better.I have 2 apples a day.I eat more veggies than on protocol,course now I walk every where I go being I dont have a car.So,I require a little more.I usually do a shake in the morning,have something to eat @ lunch and then a shake (if anything) for dinner.Just watch your cals. your sugar and carbs. NO starches and you will be fine.
  10. armisticebaby
    New to HCG and this forum. The guidelines say I have 163 pounds to lose but I have not been even close to the reccommended 135 max since junior high school so......I will be happy and rethink the possiblities if I can at least get to 200 which requires almost 100 pounds to lose. The most I have ever done is 40 on weight watchers (attempt number 20 at least :-)) and 40 pounds 15 years ago when I did phen-fen. Looking forward to hearing about everybody's successes are inspiring!
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