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The 300 Club

  1. Rusty
    Just searching out members who are more than 300 lbs (what an ugly number, except in your bank account!).

    At my highest I was 349, and have been stuck at 320-ish for more than 5 years. I would "diet", but you all know the end of that story. Exercise? Heck yeah. I completed Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred a couple of times. Got toned (at least what you could feel under all my fat), felt stronger, but still stayed FAT.

    I am starting hhcg mid Feb, and am very excited. I have tried to tweak my eating to reduce carbs (sugar/bread), so that when I do start the VLCD, I won't be too prone to low carb headaches. I have an order into Amazon for a food scale, and a couple of teas (Smooth Move and Yerba Mate), I will be putting a couple of HCG books onto my Kindle, along with some Paleo Diet type books for when I go into Phase 4 as a lifetime maintanance.

    What I have noticed, is that I gain like a madwoman with bread/sugar in my diet (as much as a 6 lbs difference in a day!).

    So, who is a unlucky member of my club? The nice thing is that you get to move out of this club and into the 200 Club, and even the 100 Club. I won't say it's easy (we all know that!), but it is do-able, by all of us.

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