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Anyone starting day 1 of VLCD??

  1. SlimmerKim?
    Hi, I am a newbie looking for some buddies to do this diet with. Anyone started this week
  2. Brown Sugar
    Brown Sugar
    I am on Aus Time so today is day 2 for me... Keeping tabs on everything, lucky I am a steak girl. Only problem for me is I have 4 little boys 4,5,7,9, I have to cook pancakes this afternoon.

    I am finding cooking the steak or chicken and then throwing in the one vege the easy way at the moment. !!

    A glass on red with the steak would be even better ! LOL.

    Down a bit today VLCD day 2

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  3. SlimmerKim?
    Yes the wine does sound good I lost 4.5 first day. I was excited but still hungry...waiting for that to go away
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