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Hello Ladies!

  1. becnen
    Good to find someone that started when I did. How are things going? Getting bored with food choices any new ideas? Just purchased an HCG recipe book on Amazon. Hope I get it soon. I'm tired of the same stuff. How are things in your world?
  2. SlimmerKim?
    Hi becen: I have been a little bored too. Today I am trying a roast with cabbage in the crockpot, we will see how that goes. I have been using different seasonings on my chicken to make it taste a little different Also, I have been cooking my 96% ground beef with a half a can of diced tomatoes with green chilis and that has been good. Every morning I have my strawberry shake (strawberries, ice and a little water and truvia mixed inthe blender) and at night have been enjoying baked apples for dinner. (cut up an apple, squeeze a half of a lemon on it, put cinnnamon and 2 packets of truvia, cover and bake for 20 mins, very good) I had read on a few posts about these Jay Rob shakes so I ordered some from amazon that you can have instead of protein, so I will let you know if I like them but so far, the reviews are good.
    I am on day 20, where are you at?
  3. simmy

    You can find some recipes from youtube. It a chili recipe that is soooo delicious. The user name is mystikalchica. this is a diet I don't want to ruin since it's working...finally...lol! Can't wait til all this unwanted weight is gone!
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