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Where is every at and how are you doing?!

  1. CrystalMamaof4
    I am vlcd8 and lost 6.7lbs, haven't cheated but almost want too for how slow I am loosing! I am also struggling with my dose to find a perfect fit. I was at 125iu and always sorta hungry, then i did my skip day and felt no hunger so I figured I needed to lower it, lowered it today and have been starving all day. I made taco pizza for my family tonight and the smell of the dough...ahhhh, I could have ate it raw!! LOL!! But I didn't I sat at the table throwing my tilapia and asparagus back watching them eat my wonderful pizza . I also had kind a rough day with my kids today, you know the normal things parents deal with kinda stuff but today was magnified by everyone for some reason, plus I was up till 1am with my baby and then got up at 6 to get kids up and going for school. I think lack of sleep and hunger and frustration and just all around crappy day has got me in a fowl mood! Normally on days like this, I would put the kids down early, have a glass of wine grab my favorite couch munchie (salted peanuts in the shell) and turn on my favorite show and forget the day! Now, I guess I am looking forward to my strawberry spinach shake.....doesn't sound as inviting! LOL! Sorry to rant, but I needed too. Hard day!
  2. Yolee1983
    Well Hello Crystal Mama of 4,
    I am sorry to hear that you had such a rough day yesterday, I certainly hope today turns out to be a better one for you!! I feel your pain I made my husband and son BBQ chicken, sweet potatoes and collard greens for dinner and the smell of it and TOM I'm sure tempted me beyond belief, but I stayed strong and excused myself from dinner the hubby and little one had to eat without mommy last night LoL I commend you for sitting through that!! I miss munching on the couch in front of a good movie!!

    Well as of yesterday which was VLCD 29 I lost a total of 32.8 pounds as of today which is VLCD 30 I have gained 2 of those pounds back Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, TOM has made an appearance and I am sure I am retaining water BUT I hate to see the scale go up I am not hungry but I am frustrated.
  3. ljm517
    Wow...Yolee you lost a LOT of weight!!! Congrats!!! I am losing very slowly...this is day 36 and I am only down 20.6#. Im hoping to lose another 3-5 in my last week of ph2. Some days I am really really hungry and some days not so much. Today is one of those not so much days. Yesterday I wanted to eat everything in my house!!!
  4. Yolee1983
    Thank You ... It feels so good this is the lowest weight I have seen in about 8 years, and my son is only 4 so I can't possibly blame pregnancy LoL How long of a round are you doing? I am anxious for P3 which I will start next Sunday!

    Congrats on your weight loss... that's 20.6 pounds less that you have to carry around with you right??

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