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Hey Bunnies!

  1. glamourass1
    I just wanted to check in with ya'all and see how everyone is doing. I know some of you have started another round and are on your way to skinnyminnieville! I have some pretty exciting news. I got a freelance writing job with a company that sells hhcg and support products. I am writing blog articles for them and managing their social media. I will be starting another round on Monday through their products. I hope to get to my final goal weight and stay there forever!

  2. niane
    HI Glamour, Wow that's fantastic that you landed a job with a hhcg company, I just ordered drops from ultra hcg diet drops, cause Im not able to do the rx hcg it interfers with my medicine for menopause, so I thought I would try the homeopathic. Im not able to start, I had a tooth break with a filling, so it's very painfull, I go to the dentist tomorrow to see what to do about it. When are you gonna start the diet? Are you writing you blog about your experience on the diet? that's really cool, wow talk about being accountable now? Once I get this tooth fixed, I'll try to start the diet at the same time you do, this will also be my first time trying the homeopathic drops. PM me when your going to start OK? Niane
  3. loriegirl
    Hey glamour, keep us all posted on your progress!
  4. glamourass1
    I started my loading today. I already feel sick. I'm ready to get on my VLCD and drop this weight NOW!
  5. Argentina007
    Go for it!! EAT !!!! EAT!!!
  6. Pauru
    Are you happy with your drops? I am ready to order for my second round.
    Looking at at different ones.
  7. Argentina007
    I used payless4hcg ad they were awesome.
  8. niane
    Hi everyone, I bought hcg ultra diet drops, but Im still havent started yet, Im not sure when I will be able too, so I can't give a review, but I know a friend who has used them and she loves them and has lost 60 lbs and jus finished her 3rd and has met her final goal weight, so they do work. I still am having nightsweats and insomina, so blood work next week to see where my hormones are at this point and see if I can start soon! Im back at my starting weight again. Urggg, I'll check in again soon Niane
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