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July 4, is load day for p2, anyone want to join me???

  1. niane
    Hi everyone, Im starting another round of p2 and I will loading on the 4th and 5th, is anyone starting another round and want to continue on this journey together? Come one, come all, let's do this together again, it was so much fun before. Niane
  2. Kemi
    Niane, wishing you all the best for this round. I am on maintenance now and have stabilized pretty well and am happy where I am. I have lost 45 lbs total. How much more do you need to lose? Again, wishing you much success.
  3. niane
    wow kemi, congratulations, I have 20 more pounds to go,hopefully this will be my last too, I did great stablizing on p3, but when I started to add in starch and some sugars on p4, that's when I started to gain again. I guess Im not going to be able to have starch's and sugars in maintance for me, but atleast I know now I have to be very limited on certain foods, if I want to continue to keep the weight off. I hope you keep checking in on us time to time, I would love to know how your success is going for you! Im wishing you all the best,please keep in touch. Niane
  4. Argentina007
    Hi niane. I just went through my calendar and my loading days for round two are going to be the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. Day one of VLCD will be the 24th. had to wait for an anniversary surprise my hubby is planning, so those will be my loading days.

    So I won't be far behind you and any others. Perhaps there will be more starting then too??!
  5. Wiserpen
    Hi to Everyone,
    So glad to see some of you are still here. Congrats to Kemi for getting to final goal. That is just wonderful. I hope we can get this group going again I miss you all. I have been with my granddaughter in Florida. I am having a just grand time but checked in to see if you are r going again. Seems maybe we will all be getting started again around the same time Argentina. I am going to do my 4th round in Aug. I need to loose another 20 lbs. I am staying right around my LDW give or take 1.5 lbs. So I can say I have stablized pretty much but I am like Niane I can not NOT have the starches or it is a yougurt day followed by a steak day to get off what starch and sugar do to me.
    I will be in better contact with you all.
  6. Argentina007
    Yah, I have completely laid off the starches too, and now my husband wants to go wheat free Kemi!!! Making some big changes around here soon, then gearing up for loading days.

    Question: When you do not want to load with wheat products, how do you get a successful load weight? I guess I could chow down on white rice, but was just wondering how others did it between rounds who are gluten free for instance???

    Loved the book BTW, Kemi, photocopied all the recipies at the back...looking fwd to eating healthier for life. In fact, as of today I have hit the 45 lb mark. Can't believe that. Been stabilized at 42/43 forever, but for some reason dropped today. Still have 20 to go, but loving it all the same. Although!!!! Had a NASTY experience yesterday while walking my kids, some dumb teenagers in a car cruising around town rolled down their window as they passed me and screamed that I was a fat B-i-t-c-H! I could not believe it! I came home and told my husband who was heartbroken for me, but I just said HMMPF, If I was not so shocked I would have yelled back, YAH? Well I was 43 lbs fatter a few months ago you jerks!!! GRRRR. People are such bullies. What is the point? Does it really make them feel better about their pathetic little lives to call down other people. UGHHHHH. Anywho... not going to let it bother me too much as I am way to busy losing weight!

  7. niane
    hi everyone, well I did start round 2 on july 4th but I had to quit this round, due to nightsweats and insomina. Dr said my thyroid is in normal ranges and he thinks Im starting menopause, so I have to go in tuesday for my spot compression and ultra-sound for my left breast and when the dr. get those results, he's gonna do a estrogen test for the menopause and start me on HRT. I was have so much trouble this round with not losing the weight, even though I did not cheat even 1 day, so I know not sleeping was causing me not to lose weight, sleep is such a big part of this diet and I was just banging my head against a wall. I decided to get my body back in balance and get my hormones stablized and then try the diet again. I probably start a new round in August sometime, but I need to wait a couple of weeks. I decided to do a very long round until I get to goal weight. I hope I can catch up with everyone, next round.
    Im going to private message wiserpen or yolee when Im able to start again and see if I can re-join everyone. Niane
  8. Kemi
    Hi all, sorry I haven't been on here much but just came back from Florida after visiting my 95 year old dad who is still going strong!

    Well, let's see....I lost 2 lbs while in Florida, hooray!!! My dad kept saying don't lose anymore weight. Never had that said to me, felt good. Argentina so sorry about those stupid kids. They don't have a clue what it's all about. And what do you want to bet that at least one of them will be obese when they get older. You keep up the good work, girl! Glad you liked the book. I have given it to several people already and they are on wheat-free living now and never felt better. My friend's husband has turned around his diabetes and I know of at least two others who have as well including me. That book is a Godsend and Dr. Davis know what he is talking about. I urge all of you to read this if nothing else.

    Well, I hope you all stay well and healthy and I will be checking in here periodically. I am into studying nutrition now and am learning sooooo much. Above all, wheat is poison to your body and it causes all those cravings. Go off wheat and you won't have the cravings anymore. Love to all.
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