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Restart 1/1

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  1. bekki
    I am going to do another round starting 1/1, any takers?
  2. bekki
    Loading tomorrow, looking for forward to this. I feel so good losing weight. I hope everyone is doing well, miss you all.
  3. bekki
    Looks like I am solo in this, that's ok, maybe someone will join me soon. Today is day one of 500 calories. I hope this round goes well and I am not hungry. Today I have had shrimp, apple and radishes. For dinner it will be chicken cabbage soup, and strawberries. Think I will not do the grissini a every day.
  4. Pauru
    Hi, Bekki. i am on VLCD4. I check back here every so often to aee if anyone has checked in. I am not doing the grissini either or will when I feel the need for some carbs. I had a prior engagement for last night but decided to not stress over those things. I just ate a little and am moving on today. I shouldn't have any more obstacles this month. I have been eating the shredded cabbage or lettuce with chicken or ground beef over it.

  5. bekki
    Hi Paula! So glad I found you. How are you and how was your holidays?
    Tonight I had a wonderful meal! I took ground beef and fried it with fresh cilantro, dried minced onions, granulated garlic, salt,pepper and a tad of cayenne pepper. Then I used butter lettuce leafs as a wrap and an orange for the fruit. So great that I made my chicken the same by cutting it in small chunks with same seasonings for lunch tomorrow.
    What about you? Any great meals? How long a round are you doing and what is your goal? Drops or shots? Drops for me, short or long, I am not sure but I am thinking long. I will see how I feel at 23 days.
  6. Pauru
    Bekki, Hey there. I went to Dayton over the weekend so I havent been around. Your meals sound yummy. I need to try using more spices. My choices are usually lettuce with chicken or lean g.beef shredded on it. And I vary it from spinach to other leafy veggies. I am on a honey crisp apple kick. Just found them this winter and love them. Someone in a different blog gave us an apple lesson. I had always stuck w red delicious.

    I am currently using the hcg patches. I researched them back in Sept and found all good feedback. I tried them and love their ease of use. You put one on every 3 days and that is it. No timing of meals or worrying about if you forgot the drops. My round in Oct I only lost 10 but it was a stressful time with my MIL passing away and another close friend the week after. So I had to prepare several large meals and keep food for relatives. That round I cut down to 24 days and then waited for the holidays to end. Others in the blog had great results.

    I hope you have a good week.
  7. Pauru
    Going to try for 30 days. My goal is to lose 25 but I'll take anything. I hope I can do it.
  8. bekki
    Can you message me where you bought the patches. That would be awesome, I feel funny smuggling my drops in the bathroom or where ever I can so others don't see and talk and question.
    I want to lose 11.6 more lbs how ever long it takes, 16 would put me at 140 lbs which I would love. I love p3 foods though.
    Have you exercise at all during p2? A friend of mine asked me to do Zumba this Thursday and I love Zumba but I thought no exercise. Thoughts?
    Happy Monday, thanks for joining me.
  9. Pauru
    I will send you the site. Most people try to get the buy 2 get one deal. I only bought the HCG patch but others have bought others things from that site. they have a blog so check it out.

    I think exercise is ok as long as you really hit the protein extra hard when you finish. I do walk some and play racquetball once a week. I think the original studies were done when people didnt exercise as much.

    Going to try and message you.
  10. Argentina007
    Hey everyone!! Wow so cool to see familiar faces! So, been stable now for months, thought about trying to lose another twenty... I have one bottle left and figured I would need to start after valentines to be done a short round and be "done" 3 weeks of phase three by Easter!!! I could technically be in the 100 lb club in exactly one year so thought I would check in to see who was around!!! I am still down 70+ lbs, 85 since honeymoon three years ago, and excited to break the hundred pound barrier. Cheer me on too???
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