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Round 2

  1. glamourass1
    Did anyone else have a harder time after the first round? I am on R2/P2/D9 and all I can think about if cheating and food. I only have about 16lbs to go until I hit my goal. So I am not too far off but I am dying for P3 foods. Plus since I am in the second week of P2 I am not losing really. Today I was up .2lbs. I know you all understand that it can be discouraging when the scale doesn't move. At least if it was moving in a positive direction then I would probably think less about cheating. It would be nice to know when I will actually get this 16 pounds off so I can move into P3 and get on with my life. Between the kids and the husband I feel a tremendous amount of guilt when we can't all go out and get dinner or lunch. That I have to run home and make an HCG approved meal when we are out for the day or after one of the kids soccer games.
  2. bekki
    I totally hear you. Not stabilizing like I did the first round either. Hang in there glamourass1.
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