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  1. time4me
    feeling like I'm the only one here where is everybody ??

    ok, tried a great Walden's Farm dressing yesterday raspberry vinaigrette dessing , got it at Walmart , it was very yummy aon my chicken, celery, onion, apple, romaine salad

    hope you all had a great day,
  2. AZJan
    Yeah, it's not too active here on this board. I haven't tried Walden's Farm dressing. Is it in the regular dressing section and ok for P2?
  3. time4me
    yep, that's where you get it.. next to the specialty dressings not the Kraft and Wishbone stuff and if you go to Sprouts they have lots of Walden Farms stuff.. 0 cal , 0 fat , I bought their alfredo sauce I'm goona try that with some chicken and spinach..i'll let ya know how it is
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