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Another meetup?

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  1. caressa
    Hey everyone!

    Lunch was a ton of fun last month w/ Colleen! Let's do another! Who is interested?

    We can do a restaurant again or someone mentioned before doing a potluck at a park or something.
    I am down for whatever. I think it's wonderful building more of a connection with each other to have
    some fun and continued support
  2. Praying4Change
    As long as I have enough time in advance to arrange a babysitter, I'm in!
  3. thing1
    If I can, I will.
  4. AZJan
    Sounds good Caressa!
  5. AZJan
    Here is a restaurant in Mesa with gluten free and looks like a good salad room
    I will be coming from Maricopa. There are a lot of parks to choose from and I'm not that familiar with them. As long as there is a potty close by for all this water I don't mind a picnic!
  6. thing1
    Landmark is a very nice restaurant with LOTS of food. You will pay one price for the salad bar which has delicious food, but if you are on p2, there is not much there. It has a lot of character and has a wonderful long history as it is a very old building. Excellent service as well. There are some coupons available but I do not know where to get them. At the Landmark we could get our own room as they have several rooms that they seat guests in.
    There is also a restaurant called TC Eggington's which is very good. Just breakfast and lunch food. It is in Mesa as well. They are quite accommodating to special orders but again, they have lots of delicious food! Don't know about the gluten free issue.
  7. AZJan
    Thanks! Found the menu for that one too!
    TC Eggingtons
  8. caressa
    I am down for whatever! I know...I am no help. lol
  9. Praying4Change
    I've been to both TC Eggingtons and Landmark. They're both great. I really like Landmark's salad bar. There's also SouperSalad and Sweet Tomatoes that have good buffets/salad bars.
  10. AZJan
    Here's two more menu's

    Sweet Tomatoes


    I wonder how many might be interested in another luncheon?
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