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Calling all Arizona People!!

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  1. AZBlondie
    I'll start. I'm in Mesa and have lived here since 1998. I'm on my first round of the hCG protocol. Today is VLCD12 for me and I'm down 10.4 lbs. I'm using the homeopathic drops and sticking to the original protocol from Dr. Simeons.
  2. AZJan
    Hey Blondie! Great idea! I moved to Maricopa in May of 2010. Retired with my husband of almost 42 years and have two dogs, a black pomeranian and red mini dachshund. Also have two grown married men one in the Navy soon to retire and one just medically discharged from the Navy. Five grandchildren. This is my first round of hCG after accidentally walking into a Maricopa Clinic looking for natural vitamins and finding the MIRACLE to losing my weight! It's been a lifelong problem for me...
  3. arizonapam
    Hi ladies, My name is Pam and I live up in Flagstaff. Have lived here for 9 years.Prior to living in Flagstaff I lived in Las Vegas for 26 years. I work in the accounting field. Married with two grown children. And Grandbaby due in August.

    I started HCG after hearing of it on the Dr. Oz show. We enjoy spending time on Lake Powell in the summer months and I wanted to get back into a bathing suit and out of the mens swim trunks I was wearing. Mainly due to the fact I carry most of my weight on the hips and thighs. I am just entering P3and to be frank it scaras the just heck out of me.


  4. karlipooh
    Karli here! Nice to meet you all... I'm in the west valley... lots to say but currently obsessed with my P2 diet... wow ... it's not hard really, except for this crazy hunger I had today! anyway, I'll be checking in with you all soon!!
  5. Qwinne
    Hey everyone! Today is my VLCD14 and so far I am down 16.6 pounds. I am originally from Oklahoma. I moved to Colorado for 6 months in 2007 and fell in love with a man from Arizona, so I moved here in August 2007. Or 4 year anniversary will be in March and in August I will have lived here 4 years! The time really does go by fast. I hate cold weather, I don't know what I was doing in Colorado to begin with! I love Arizona and I can say definitively that it is and always will be my home. I live in Mesa.

    I'm following Dr. Simeon's protocol but I have a bit of a rogue-ish streak in me. I eat broccoli and extra lean ground turkey and miracle noodles on occasion. I like to experiment with things to see how they affect me. I did a protein day last Sunday and it worked well for me. I'm doing a P2 modified steak day today out of convenience, my schedule gets all out of whack on the weekends sometimes. So far though, I have not cheated a single bite and I am very proud of myself as I tend to be an emotional eater. I view HCG not only as a weight loss tool, but as a program that will teach me to make better choices about what I eat for a lifetime. Last year I did Body for Life and lost 15 pounds in 2-3 months, then plateaued. Afterward I found out I have high cholesterol as well as PCOS, which can make losing weight extremely difficult. I knew about HCG from several friends and coworkers, and after doing extensive research I decided I would go for it and make a lifetime change. Because of that, I gave myself free reign to eat any and every bad thing I wanted until the start of the year. In the span of 3-4 months I gained close to 25 pounds. I can't weight to start getting into sizes I haven't seen in years! I'm also very petite (5'1" and small bones) so trying to shop for size 18 clothes that fit my frame and are not hideous or expensive is truly an impossible feat. I look forward to the day I can just go into the petite section and be done!

    I'm on HHCG and doing VLCD until the end of February or until my drops run out, whichever comes first.
  6. AZJan
    Hope some more will chime in here and let us get to know you...
  7. yucadeb
    Hi all.... I moved from Mesa, AZ and lived in AZ all my life until 8 months ago. My hubby and I moved to the Yucatan, Mexico and started a new life. I know I am no longer in AZ but I need a group to talk to. I am on day 5 VLCD and oh boy yesterday was rough. I think if I had any worse hunger I would have BBQued my beloved labrador. Today seems better... I have lost 3.5 pounds and have loads more to go.... but I will take what I can get... I am doing injections....and trying to eat on protocol but my downfall is the breadsticks... I love carbs.... I need some support. Oh and did I mention my husband is a physical trainer/body builder who eats every 2 hours.... double ugh.
  8. HonkieTonkGirl
    Hi Everyone, It's great to see that there is a group of people in AZ that is doing this diet. My name is Ashley, I'm 21 and I was born and raised here in AZ. I moved down to tempe/mesa area for school 2 years ago. Need less to say my freshman 15 turned into my junior 40. I have always battled with my weight, my mom and I have tried any and every diet known to man. I hope this works out well for us. My ultimate goal is to loose 50 lbs. This is my first round of the diet and I'm following the book P&I. I'm on day 14 and have lost a total of 12 lbs. I hope this group can give me the support I need because I'm pretty worried about Phase 3... Not to mention my boyfriend of 4 years can eat fast food 3 times a day and loose weight!! Grrr.. But I'm looking forward to being able to go to the pool without being embarrassed.
  9. thing1
    Hello AZ people.
    I live in the Tempe area. I was stretching my size 14's (should have been in 16, but just couldn't bring myself to buy them). Now I wear 6 or 8, depending on the brand. Not done yet, but that will come later.
    Glad to see an AZ group. We did have a good time at lunch with Colleen. Maybe we can do something like that again? Maybe even an exchange clothing party!
  10. lookinatluv
    Hello AZ,

    This is soo cool to have a group just for people that live here, I am a newbie to this HCG and I am currently on P2 day 4 counting down the days until I hit day 10. I could really use some chocolate in my life, I think it is more the thought that I cannot have it, that is getting to me. I really hoping to loose 40lbs with at least 20 by May I am going on a trip to Puerto Rico in May...Please give any advice or suggestions you have.
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