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Calling all Arizona People!!

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  1. Maggie Mae
    Maggie Mae
    Hi everyone! Grew up in Flagstaff (age 5 to 25), moved to Phoenix for a few years, moved to the Washington DC area (hubbies job) for 6 years and now we're back! Currently live in Avondale. So happy to find this group!!
  2. Praying4Change
    Hey everyone! I was born and raised on the east coast (Massachusetts) but have lived in Arizona for 7 years. I'm 24, a first time mom to my darling daughter Emery (19 months), a paralegal, in P4 of my second round and I live in Mesa. I did hhcg first two rounds and will be doing injections the last two. I've lost 49 so far and hoping to lose another 36...although my ultimate goal is flexible because I don't know exactly what size I'll be at 125...
  3. RoxieHart
    Hello AZ peeps. I have been living in AZ for 8 years. I love it!!!! First time doing HCG...sort of. Rx tablets, sublingual, Today I am on day 18!!! I really wish I could come meet everyone this weekend. But will be outta town. Have fun for me though. muah!!!
  4. laemgirl
    Hello All! I hope it's okay to join your group even though I'm only a part-time AZ resident. I live about 3-4 months a year in Scottsdale and the rest at "home" in Canada.

    I will be in AZ while I start my first round of hcg so, I thought it might be nice to buddy-up with others here as well.

    I plan to start next week, April 21. I was planning to do just a 23 day round but, after doing some more reading here, I think I may go longer, I'm going to play it by ear. I'm buying enough hcg for 45 days.

    Wish me luck
  5. mskellyw
    Hi guys! I'm happy to see some fellow Arizonans on these boards!

    I'm Kelly and I'm 32. I'm originally from Chicago, but moved to Phoenix (Central and Camelback area) in the third grade and lived there until about ten years ago when I moved to Tucson. I'll be getting married in November and wanted to lose at least 30lbs before then. I'm now on VLCD16 (doing injections) and have lost 12.2lbs so far. I'm planning a 40 day round and have enough hCG for another 40 days if needed. Today was my first gain (0.4lbs), which is frustrating--especially considering that I haven't cheated once!--but I'm staying the course and hoping for a big loss tomorrow.
  6. time4me
    Hi AZ folks ,

    I'm Laura and i am in the area of 32nd Stree and T-Bird , I am on VLCD30 , and I am so close to a short term goal i can hardly stand it STG = 140's today weighed in at 151.6.. I wanna get there on this round , and then after P3 and P4 i will move to weigh watchers for the last few.. not really sure what my ending goal is yet , guess i will need to see as i go.
  7. operayogi
    Hello fellow Arizonans. I am Christopher and live in Gilbert and working on my Doctorate at ASU......I am simply marveled by HCG and my newly found way of eating! Starting at 230 post load, I am as of today down 15 lbs. after 10 days. They hunger pains are subsiding and my energy levels are rising. Now to only maintain...as long as I do it "just for today," I have nothing to fear! I am aiming for 185lbs. or 35/40 days whichever comes first. I read that some suggestions from some clinics suggest not losing any more than 34 lbs. at one time. Have any suggestions? I know that I am not going past 35lbs. the day allotment. Your suggestions are welcome. Everyone stay cool and watch out for those dust storms! Namaste!
  8. caressa
    We need another AZ meetup!
  9. Praying4Change
  10. angelica
    Maybe a potluck of HCG approved meals or a cooking night. I feel like I am going to run out of recipes soon!
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