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Calling all Arizona People!!

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  1. jzierolf
    grrrr.......... i ordered my hcg injectable form.. but still in customs for 6 days now...im about to run out and was wondering if anyone has any extra injectable form they are willing to part with.. just let me know how much $ and where... im in casa grande... if possible i only need about a weeks worth to be on the safe side (til mine gets here from reliablerxpharmacy).... a friend gave me what she didnt need to get me started... and that was about a 10 days supply. any help would be greatly appriciated!!! thanks fellow arizonaites or is it arizona-ians? please and thanks in advance..
  2. angelica
    Have you tried Cragslist? There might be some on there..
  3. jzierolf
    yes i did.,. cheapest on there is $100 but i dont need that much since i just spent enough on whats stuck in customs lol but i did send an email to her but still no reply
  4. Mommie42
    Hey Desert Dwellers! I am kinda new to the site and love it-such a wealth of information! We live in the West Valley-have been in AZ since 1999-have the best hubby and kids ever.

    I have lost 110 pounds on my own...trying to chip off the last 50 with HCG-on my first round, currently at day 18 and have lost the same of weight...so yeah!

    Glad to find the group and hope we can help each other!
  5. jzierolf
    hey mommie42.. welcome ! i also am a newbie here.. been in casa grande az (half way between phoenix and tucson) for 5 years.. moved from wyoming! im shooting for 45 pounds or so.. if more comes off all that much better!
  6. Praying4Change
    Welcome to all the newcomers!
  7. Debegrace
    Hello Arizonians! Hope you got your HCG jzi.
  8. jzierolf
    yes i did finally just as i was running outta what was given to me.. doing ok on it.. the first days are teasers where you lose quite a bit then it comes to reality lol.. but any loss is a good loss lol
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