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hCG Sources

  1. AZJan
    I'm wondering where you get your hCG in Arizona? I don't know if my ND will prescribe it for me when I tell her I'm not continuing the diet program cause I can get it cheaper online. Right now I am going to the Desert Wellness Center in Maricopa. Also, I'm thinking of switching to drops for both my husband and I. Any suggestions?
  2. AZBlondie
    Hi Jan! I'm using the homeopathic drops, which I got from myhcgplus.com. I paid $199 for four bottles and I know I can get them much cheaper elsewhere. I'm thinking of trying the rx hCG on my next round. I've heard good things about Pharmacy Escrow. Here's the link to their hCG: http://www.pharmacyescrow.com/sx3559-s-HCG-PREGNYL.aspx
  3. AZJan
    Thanks! I have heard of them and also the all day chemist seems to get a lot of good reviews. I will check them both out.
  4. Praying4Change
    I got my hhcg froms Pure Simple Health in Mesa. They worked well for me and I lost 49 my first two rounds.

  5. angelica
    I bought my injection kit locally from HCG boutique. I found them off of Craigslist. Has anyone purchased from them before?
  6. jzierolf
    new here and new to hcg.... i am doing the injectable form... i hear you can only get it without rx from internet which comes from other countries....
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