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  1. AZJan
    I thought I would start a new thread for Updates if anyone wants to use it.

    I am reporting that I have almost lost all the weight I gained from quitting smoking almost six years ago.

    I am into a swimsuit I haven't worn in 10 years!!!

    I love this diet!!!
  2. susanbaz
    Oh Jan, that's fantastic! Congratulations!!!!

    It was so good to see you last week, even if only for a little while. Thanks again to your DH for taking such a great group pic, too.

    Looking forward to our next meetup!
  3. AZJan
    Thanks Susan! It was fun!

    Another update: I now wear one of my 'pinkie' rings on my ring finger!!! One of my goals is to get back into my wedding set and I am 'almost' there! Wooohooo!
  4. susanbaz
    You go girl!!!
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