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Anyone doing 45 day injections?

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  1. rmcminn
    I am on loading day 2, just wondering if anyone else is doing the same? My doctor is also giving me lipotropic injections 3 times per week for extra energy. Good luck everyone!!!
  2. Jbcsa
    I am going to do 40 days but I am doing drops. Refused the lipoden shots so he gave me a supplement that will do the same thing orally. So far so good. Am anxious to see what the scales say tomorrow. Jim
  3. AishaKhan
    I started my loading a few days ago. Today is the first day of vlcd, trying to keep busy, have kids and husband to feed and care for, that's gong to be a challenge. I am using the injections and have some phentermine my Dr. prescribed. Planning a 40 day round, will re-evaluate at 28 days. Looking forward to meeting others who are following the original protocol. Time for another cup of tea... Taking it 1 day at a time.
  4. wendii7545
    My sister and I are doing the longer cycle. Our first loading day is tomorrow. We are using injections and this is our first ever shot at this! ( LOL Pun intended!)
    Wendy is 147 and wants to loose 25 lbs.
    Pamela is 174 and would like to loose 40 lbs.
  5. designz4u63

    It is first time I am trying HCG and I decide to go with the one a day shot. I am still waiting for my HCG to arrive. I cannot wait to start the program and I really hope it will work for me. I have so high hopes. So far all the diets I did where a big flop.
    I am at 185lbs.

    Anyway as a newbie, where I can find a list of supplies I need to mix my HCg. I order 5000IU vials and I look on line to order the supplies for the mix and shots but I got so confused. Can someone help me with some info about it?
  6. betsyJ
    Today is my first day of loading and injections. I plan on doing a 40 day run. I have 60 to loose so I definately will need another run. I'm already sick of eating today. My body is going "WTF' because I've been eating really healthful foods for passed 3 months. This all well and good but haven't dropped a pound with just healthy eating. I'm so sick of wearing sweats. I have a closet full of beautiful clothes that don't fit from days gone. Been buying clothes at Goodwill, stopped wearing maleup and having pedicures. I figured why bother when I'm obese. Since finding out about this diet Thursday for the first time in a couple of years I have some hope of feeling sexy again. God speed. Just know you are not alone.
  7. gigidc
    Hi my name is gigi, and im doing the 40 days shot this is my 2nd cycle.. but this second time around has been so hard. I been cheating since day one… and lost 2lb in the past week!! So frustrated don’t know how to focus!! And Ideas or suggestions? Anyhow. Today my goal is to stay focus, I’m 135.2; my goal is to be in 115lb.
    Day one of Focus: 135.2
    Wish me luck!!
  8. Littlebear
    I'm doing the 45 day injections... I am on day 3. I'm very hungry! I try and curb it with lots of green tea (usually iced and unsweetened from starbucks or something similar)
    Any other tips would be awesome! I have vitamin B-12 shots once a week and just started taking Raspberry Ketones. I hope they work!

    I'm trying to loose 30lbs
    Down 6.5lbs!!!

  9. wendii7545
    I am also on the injections, I am on VLCD day 4 and have not experienced any hunger issues. It is the same for my sister who is doing it with me. We are doing 125 iu which is 0.25 on the insulin syringe using a 500iu/ML concentration. I have read that if hunger is an issue that you should try lowering your dose by 25. Check older post for others recommendations. Good luck
  10. Littlebear
    Thanks Wendi! I was on 175iu and lowered to 125.... MUCH better! I can't even tell you... thanks!

    I also think the Raspberry ketones are awesome. I love them, but my mom experienced some shortness in breath and flu like symptoms with them. I thought I'd just throw that out!

    I think those first couple of days were rough, but I'm really starting to get the hang of it and understand hunger vs craving. If anything - the HCG diet does teach us so much about our bodies!

    I hope you and your sister are doing well and thanks for the advice!!!
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