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  1. Jbcsa
    Learned today why they say do not exercise strenuously in P2. Went. With my daughter to empty out the storage building. Of course it was already hot but I could only lift a couple of boxes and I would have to sit down. I was a bit dizzy and nauseous. Slowly we got it done. Let her drive home and it took me the entire hours drive before I was ok. Came home and ate tilapia and cherrys and had enough energy to unload all of the stuff. I was thinking about going to the gym next week which will be week three but think I will reconsider it now Had an amazing 4 pound loss this morning when I woke up...the only thing is I can tell nowhere on my body I have lost weight. You would think 13 pounds would show. I know be patient- not one of my virtues Jim
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