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Load gain

  1. Jbcsa
    VLCD Day 1. A little depressed because I gained 4 pounds on two day load. I did what they told me to so I hope it works out. Now I have 32.5 pounds to lose in thirty days! Going to do this especially after I took before pictures this morning! I encourage you all to do that as painful as it might be. I won't post them until my thirty day is up and I will post the before and after pics! Good luck to everyone and Happy Losing!
  2. Eftimia
    Just started the Loading phase this morning, so keeping up with others means the world to me right now! Hopefully what came on for the loading phase will come off with the rest. Everyone does keep saying that newest weight goes sooner...and the faster it came on, the faster it comes off...so here's to you losing that! I'm a bit unsure as to just how much I really should be eating on P1...I don't generally eat a lot on a normal day...I'm thinking in terms of hobbit-eating right now......is that a good comparison? LOL
  3. Jbcsa
    That was me-I do not normally eat alot everyday-so by 10 am I had had more food than I normally eat in a day and my body was rebelling. I went out to eat each day and was not able to eat half of what I ordered because of the previous amounts of food already consumed. I did not count the calories but I am guessing around 5000 each day with the fat count extremely high. I am calling today water day! It is not easy as I might drink 12 ounces of water in a day. Filled up a gallon jug and hope to have it gone by early evening. That is LOTS of water!
  4. Emilybaker1218
    I actually lost a lb loading. I hit my TOM though. Might start out with a stall.. booooo
  5. paleojojo
    I found loading extremely horrible in every respect.
    horrible as I don't like being stuffed
    horrible as I felt physically ill (drowsy/no energy/pain in tummy/headaches/no will to live!)
    horrible as I had lots of food I normally do not eat at all

    anyway, it's all in the past now, I gained only ONE lbs from loading, and believe me I did eat!

    I had a constant headache from loading day 2 to VLCD 2 it's gone now thankfully. I also felt weak on VLCD 1, that's gone too.
  6. Eftimia
    I can relate with Jim all the way, lol...though it sounds like he ate a lot more than I did. My last loading day was yesterday...today is the first on VLCD. I woke up feeling VERY tired, more so than usual. I could go right back to sleep! My muscles are a little fatigued...feel like I could stretch all day just to get moving. But my mood is up and motivated. My stomach feels hungry, though I don't mentally care to eat at the moment. Not to get too TMI here...but I'm also peeing...It's only 11:30am and I'm going on my fourth time! Thinking about camping out in the hobby room upstairs....it's next to the bathroom, lol!

    Does all of this sound relatively normal for those who are, or have, gone through the same? I know not everyone handles this the same...but still. I'm so glad to you are all doing well!
  7. Jbcsa
    I have not been tired at all. In fact I have been up extra early the last two mornings and could not wait to hop on the scales!
  8. paleojojo
    the peeing, my goodness, I pee like an elephant and every hour LOL

    I drink plenty but not that much and still the same I used to drink before Hcg so.....
  9. luvmykittens
    I didn't load properly and I didn't gain (or lose) anything - but my husband did and he gained 5 lbs. After a few days he was down 10 lbs - it just fell off. So hope is not lost.
  10. Wanna Be Thin
    Wanna Be Thin
    Hi all! I plan to start loading tmrw. I'm skeptical but also excited about starting this diet. I exercise 6 days a week and eat "healthy" (I think) but can't seem to lose the pounds. I look forward to sharing my trial & tribulation with y'all as I go through this journey.

    Not sure exactly how much I need to eat during the next 2 days but I'm not looking forward gaining the weight....
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