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  1. luvmykittens
    Hi everyone - well - I'm half way through. Just wondering about everyone's progress. I had lost 13 lbs so far. But this morning I started my TOM and gained back 2 - supposedly I'll lose it after as it is probably water retention (hopefully). Going to continue the drops as there are a bunch of people in the forums recommending this. Not sure what will happen because the "official recommendation" is to discontinue drops, but continue the VLC. So I will see after I guess. My wonderful husband has lost almost 20 lbs but is frustrated because he has stalled for the past 3 days. He is thinking about doing an apple day tomorrow if he still hasn't lost after today.

  2. adjustedstone
    I completed day 2 VLCD and weighed in this morning. I am down 1.8 from yesterday. I also starved all day. The hunger was horrible.
    I raised my hCG to 150 this morning from 125 and will see how this goes. I opted to go higher instead of lower since I was already at 125.

    Water, water and more water. My tea is what saves me. I love tea hot or cold and love coffee but not black so will have to give up the coffee for now.

    I am also taking b12 shots to help with hair loss if any.

    Taking it one day at a time and counting down the days.

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