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  1. mrsgaylonj
    Hi y'all. I started loading on Aug 25. I'm closing VLCD3 and am down 11 pounds. I'm obsessed with thinking about food, too. Like way obsessed. Not hungry, just pissed off that I was not made or designed to eat cake and still look decent. Or stop at a sliver for that matter. Anyway, joining late, this is my first time ever. I'm doing 150iu injections. I intend on losing no less than 100 pounds.
  2. adjustedstone
    One of my favorite foods is Tilipia. Sam's Club has a frozen package individually wrapped and so far all of the packs I have used weighed 3.5 oz. raw. I put it under the water frozen and then sprinkle some Cajun blackend seasoning or some Tony C's on it. Bake it for 25 to 30 min. at 350.

    Omaha Steak Company has some steak burgers that are individually wrapped 4 Oz. very lean. They also have some chicken breasts that are about 3.5 oz raw. I just spice it up with seasonings and sometimes I make a wrap from lettuce with a little picante sauce just a teaspoonful goes a long way.

    Good luck,

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