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Where is everyone?

  1. adjustedstone
    How is everyone doing on their round?

    I am on R1P2D11 and I have released 12 pounds. For several days I was up .2 then lost 2 and another up .2 and today I finally released 1.8.

    When I started this round I was doing 125 but felt really hungy so I upped my dosage to 150 and the hunger is gone.

    I am kinda worried though since I have a conference to attend at the end of the month and really don't want to go off protocol. I am racking my brain on how to take my foods with me.

    I can carry a small ice chest for my hotel room and heat my food in the microwave there. The problem is the luncheons and dinners that we have to attend. I eat at 11 and 5 everyday and this will be a problem since we are in long all day meetings. Many of the 4 days have luncheons and dinners that I have to attend. The food is placed in front of us and we have no choice in what the selection is.

    I hope everyone is having great releases.
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