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Is anybody getting hungrier?

  1. Laurarosee
    I am wondering if my drops are losing potency. I am getting really hungry. I don't remember being this hungry after the first 2 1/2 VLCDs. I started to notice it yesterday. I'm going to go munch on some celery. I ordered RX from reliable pharmacy in India and when I checked the tracking number yesterday it said its sitting in customs.
  2. Michelle_in_co
    You could test them as see if the drops are still good.. Also, try upping your water intake. If your doing SL don't leave it under your tongue for more than 3-5 min. Just that change alone helped my hunger tremendously. And waiting 12 hours between taking drops. My hunger changed in a big way from doing that.
    Other than that.....try to work through it till your new order comes in. You can do it! Hang in there, it will get better
  3. rosey84
    No my hunger is still pretty much under control. i do get hungry right before my mealtimes. But I see that as normal, its not like I am ravenous or anything. Have you tried breaking your meals up throughout the day? Snacking on your fruits or grissini to tide you over?
  4. Michelle_in_co
    Hi Laurarose. How's it going? My hunger really isn't an issue right now. I have to be intentional to eat and preplan. Is it getting any better?
  5. Laurarosee
    Maybe it was just a temporary thing. I had gone up in my drops cause I really want my thigh fat to go away and after I read a study that somebody posted a link to it indicated that the higher the hcg, the better the blob fat reduces. My thighs are blobs. Went back to 7 drops 2x a day and that seems to work better. Thanks everybody.
  6. Laurarosee
    I'm finding this kind of confusing. Can we get here by going under "groups" from the main forum page?
  7. rosey84
    Laurarosee you can acces the group from your profile (there is a section thats lists the groups you belong to) or you can click "community" up underneath the search bar at the top of the screen and then pick "groups" from the drop down... The groups you belong to will appear then.
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