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Update..Missed you guys!

  1. rosey84
    Hi all! I have been M.I.A for a few days because things got a bit hectic in my world. This last week was slow for me because i had a lot of red meat. I think I was craving it due to a lack of iron or something because I have never been a huge red meat eater. I am down 2lbs today!

    Today will be my last day of drops in round one (40 days DOWN)! I have decided to do 3weeks on p3 then start another round. I figured if people can do a 60 day round without issue then this should be like a modified long round. I am hoping I wont be terribly hungry over the wknd since fri-sun i will be on the vlcd w/o any drops! I have already planned my first p3 breakfast lol. Eggs, avacado slices, and bacon (oink oink). I know people say not to restrict your calories in p3 but I plan to stay at about 1500...who knows maybe i'll even drop a pound or 2 during the 3weeks lol... But my focus is simply not gaining!

    Good Luck and congrats to all on your releases!
  2. Michelle_in_co
    Hi Rosey. Yay! You made it, 40 days. I'm on day 28.....ugh! I have been preparing for p3, hope to stop next week. You have done really well this round, congratulations!
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