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What are you doing to get YOUR sexy back?

  1. LessMe
    I am celebrating my cleavage!!!

    The only benefit to gaining all this weight is the awesome cleavage it brought. I will give it up as I lose more weight, so I am celebrating it while I can!!

    How 'bout you?? <3
  2. kb1021
    Hoping to get my sexy back in about 60 pounds. It's there....just hiding for now. Even though I do believe that sexy is more attitude than anything. But I agree - who doesn't like to flaunt what they got! :-)
  3. LadyZora
    Well I lost my sexy 50lbs. ago!!!! I am very mad at myself for allowing this to happen to me again! Yes I said again! You see I lost 65 lbs. and then became an aerobics instructor! All on my own with just watching what I eat and working out alot, I Loved it!! Then yrs later went through Divorce and depression and slowly gained it back.
    Now married to a wonderful guy and still kept gaining until I hit 50lbs. So now I found this stuff HCG and for the first time am really trying to lose again. It's tougher as you get older though.
    I want my sexy back- for me!!! So I'm doing this for me!! I have a very cute hour glass figure hiding under this fat! Most people don't realize how much I weigh because you can still see my shape and I am big boned (bones weigh alot) LOL
    You have to be comfortable in your own skin! Well I'm not, no matter how much others tell me I look good. I'm just not comfortable!

    So ladies do it for yourself - get your sexy back!!!
  4. carrera
    After losing 10#s, I notice that I am losing a little cleavage. i can't fill my bra.
    I know I will be losing more weight and losing more cleavage. Not enjoying this part but looking forward in losing the weight then may a boob job later. heheheh...
  5. seattlePINK
    hi ev1...I am brand new...not even sure what brand of drops anyone would recommend....I want to loce 50# and am 54F...tried everything else
  6. NWNatureGrl
    seattlePink, Lots of good advice on these board for which brands are good for either injections, homeopathic or the sublingual-a very sexy word, btw!

    Do your research, figure out which method of administration works best for you, then jump in. I'm a newbie too: R1-P2-D4 and I woke up this am to a 3 lb loss! I'm back down to my preload weight of 180, but damn it feels good to be on the lower end of the scale. I am bringing my sexy, and will put it to good use ; )

  7. GirliePunk
    i am on my second round of HGC and while I am in the process, being sexy is the last thing on my mind, however, when I am finished, I will continue to take better care of my skin and my attitude is unstoppable when I am the weight that I feel comfortable being. Last round, I lost 34 lbs and and felt amazing in my clothes. There is nothing better than getting yourself dressed in the morning and not having a clothing crisis because you feel fat and yucky. I like being able to shop anywhere and knowing there will be something that fits. About 15 yrs ago I was up to 265 and I cried each time I would go shopping. Plus clothing is not as cute as regular sized clothing. I started low carb and lost 100 lbs and kept it off for years, then it gradually crept back and I could not loose it no matter what I did. Then I did HCG!!!!! I call it magic potion. It is the most difficult thing I have ever done since I CRAVE food emotionally and despise anything fat free. It is revolting to me!!! I suffer HARD on HCG but the losses are worth it. yesterday I felt like death. I cried all day and was dizzy,pounding heart and my muscles hurt so bad I had to take a pain pill. I discovered my electrolight levels had to be way down so I started potassium and magnesium and it is better this morning. I was drinking too much water.
    Anyway, I feel a whole lotta sexy coming in just a few weeks and I am super excited. I am just too bogged down with weakness and cravings to think about much else but i know it is temporary... thankfully!!!!!
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