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Plan on loosing 100 or more pounds

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  1. quelsen
    Have you already done so?

    Come share
  2. tink
    Hi Jonathan,
    I still have 148lbs to lose to get me to 166lbs.....and will see if I need to lose more after that.
    When I reach goal I will have lost half my body weight!!!
  3. hcg61
    Jan - from No. Cal. - 61 yrs old / 5' 5.5" / Started at 267...currently at 247.4 (R1P2VLCD25) / Goal: 125-145 lbs. / 1st Mini Goal: anything under 250 (made it Day 22); Next Mini Goal: 235 by Sept 20 (end of 40 days).
  4. quelsen
    YAY Wonderful peoples here
  5. Cassie7
    Cassie from Fresno, CA. Now on R2P2. Started July 2010 at 271.2. Lost 34 pounds on R1. Currently 240s. Goal 145.
  6. Tia
    Hi, Teresa from West Virginia. Would like to lose 120 lbs. I'm on R1/P2/D9.
  7. TheLouieGirl
    Hi all! I'm Barb from St Louis (ish). Can I still join in if I've already lost most of mine? I was origianlly 267. Gastric bypass got me to 179. After 2 years trying traditional methods to lose the rest, I've found HCG! Now I'm almost half way through the last 40 lbs to lose.
  8. TheLouieGirl
    Jan, we are almost the same. I'm 5'7", 45 yo.
  9. cantweight
    Hello all. Christi, Im in northern VA, R1 P3 now, started out at 242 hovering around 229 after a shaky ending to my first round. I'm considering it my warm-up..lol I'd like to see 135 but will be pleased as punch to weigh 150. I'm 5'6" and 36 yrs old. Gearing up for my second round early Oct. Thinking about cycling 3 weeks on 3 weeks P3...still reading up on this stuff. Also, I did RX SL last round and am plannng to try RX SQ next. Nice to meet you all, good luck!!
  10. diane0120
    Well as of this morning I am 1.4lbs from having lost 100 pounds! That is my mini goal for this round and this is VLCD31 so as long as no stalls pop up I am hoping to make it real soon! I still want to lose more, my first real goal is to get to 165 but I am probably going to shoot for 145. I'm 5'9" and more on the high end of being a medium frame per the measurements but I have always looked like a large frame compared to others, so 145 might be too thin but sure would be nice!
    Good Luck Everybody!!
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