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Plan on loosing 100 or more pounds

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  1. poddygirl
    Hi all! I want to get from my starting weight of 260 to 160 or 150....I'm down 40 after 1 round of HCG and feeling great. Looking forward to hearing from you all!
  2. readyforsuccess
    Hi everyone. I have been gone for a while, but back now and hoping everyone is doing well.
    I am in the middle of my fourth round. Started in August, not doing the time line right,but doing alright.
    Started at 295.6....ouch Would like to get down to 185 and stay there. So I think I will go for 175 for a little room for error. Currently at 224.6 Single mom with four kids.....this is a rough road, but so worth it!!!
    Everyone keep up the strong work
  3. Pendle13
    Hi everybody! i am relatively new to the forums and just today realized there are specialized groups.
    I started at 287 and am down a bit over 32 pounds right now at 254. Yesterday was my last day of drops and I will start P3 on Saturday. My eventual goal is to weigh less than my dh who is about 180-185, so i am going for 180, once I get there I will see how I feel and where I want to go next. In my next round, I would like to get down to below 230.
    It's so good to see other people in my same situation. I hope to get to know you all well over the course of our journeys.
  4. SweetKatieA
    Hello Tomorrow is my first day of R1P1 of the IM stuff (I feel like I'm in a boxing match) I have.. about 150 lbs. plus a little to lose and I'm so nervous right now. So, reading about all the successes everyone has had here... well, it gives me a little hope. I walked today and I start Zumba tomorrow. Oh my, my world is changing. I turned 30 in December and I guess I feel like I don't want to be afraid that the airline seatbelt might not fit anymore. So, here goes nothing I guess.
  5. Suzie
    ok I;m on board too started 297 w/load. Man did I gain 5lb.
    Started round 1/ day 11 @ 293 I am 63 yrs old, got to do this.
    I have lost 13.9 lbs. in 11 days.
    Kate I know how you felt, cause I felt so stuffedd after my load. I was really looking forward to a lite meal or none.
    So good luck to us all. I had to get over fear of needles, got that done as I am on shots. Want to go to drops after day 21
    If I can't I continue w/shot to do a 40 day round.
  6. Suzie
    Good morning to all hope scale is kind today, I am only down .1 that isn't a lot but it is negitive so I am happy, better than a gain, not quite a stall. I am expecting to stall tho from all I have read, seems normal, but a friend that is doing this on her 2nd round told me to remember not to get depressed about it get the tape messure and focus on that cause as she stalled she still saw a loss in messurments that kept her going so I got mine handy.
  7. damselflydiva
    Hi Everyone!

    Inspiring group - nice to know that there are others out there trying to lose more then 20-30 pounds! I am mother of 3, and I am just starting my second round - my max weight was 272 (that I know of - didn't weigh myself often!), I started Hcg at 260.8, gained almost 5 pounds loading and was down to 224 at the end of R1! 41 pounds (including load weight) Wow! I actually never even imagined this was possible - never really dieted before, just resigned myself to being this weight forever - and my weight kept going slowly up and up. I stabilized in R1 and am now on VLCD 6 of R2 and am down another 13.2 pounds already! Yay! I would like to get down to 150 - maybe less....so 110 pounds or more! Hard to imagine, and even harder to believe that it might be possible. I am at 215 now - really excited to get below 200 pounds! I want to reach my goal weight by my 40th birthday at Christmas.
  8. Suzie
    Hi Damsel...........WOW that is so great. I will am day 18 of R-1.. lost 16.5 so far. I feel so much better allready, but have a long way to go. I know you will make it for your birthday. I hope to be at 240 or less for my birthday in Oct. I see light at the end of the tunnel where there was no light befor!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. SweetKatieA
    Awesome guys!!!! I am so excited! I lost 5.7 lbs. this week on the "detoxing" phase 1. I start my injections tomorrow.. SO NERVOUS! I just don't know what I'm supposed to eat. I need to read up and make some meals tonight. Here's to hoping I have losses like you guys.
  10. SweetKatieA
    So I lost 6.8 lbs this week. So, YaY! But, then I thought... I have SO much more to go. So, BOO to that!
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