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Accountability 2015

  1. Nexuz9
    D5 3/4 147.2
    D6 145.0
    D7 143.2
    D8 142.4 yaay
    D11 142.0
  2. Melsy
    Hello, I'm on Round 1, Phase 2, day 3. Thanks for letting me post!
  3. Mekatd145
    Thanks for letting me join! I'm loading this week!
  4. Xanders Mom
    Xanders Mom
    Hello newbie here. Checking in for accountability starting tomorrow 12/18/15 My hhcg arrived today! Yayyy! R1 p2 hhcg
  5. Xanders Mom
    Xanders Mom
    I'm very excited to be checking in today! Current weight 185.5 just started my drops and it's time to workout! Zumba here I come! 2016 here I come!
  6. Xanders Mom
    Xanders Mom
    Today 12/21/15 Down to 182! Woot Woot! Zumba, water, HCG=)
  7. vdef14
    Started R1P2 on Wednesday 2/19/16 weighed in at 198. Start VLCD on Saturday 2/21/16 I will keep you posted
  8. marlawn
    I started the VLCD today at 223.6. I am hoping to get down to 160 by the summer!!
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