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Started on Phase 2/ R 1 on 02/22. Please join us to share you weight loss progress

  1. Nouna
    Started at 202.6
    02/24- 200.5
    02/25- 199.8
  2. marlawn
    today is my first day on VLCD and I weighed in at 223.6. I am excited about this weight loss journey!! Trying to say positive and could use a buddy!!
  3. verb
    Hello. My name is Jessica and I'm on VLCD5. I have lost 6 pounds so far.

    I've done the hcg diet several times in the past, but let some weight creep back on, so here I go again! I've participated in another weight loss message board for years, but looking for something a bit more focused on the hcg plan.
  4. Jamie Simcik Sherer
    Jamie Simcik Sherer
    Just starting again today on the VLC. I have lost over 50 lbs on HCG in the past but unfortunately I didn't finish the program properly so I ended up eventually gaining it all back plus some. Starting again with more commitment than ever to do this properly! Seems like there isn't a lot of action on this site. Anyone out there that wants to support each other?

    Jessica, how is it going for you?
  5. bln
    Hello. My name is Becca and I'm on VLCD1. I'm not new to the HCG protocol as this is my 3rd round. My first two were over 2 years ago and I did great. I was 5lbs away from my goal weight when I found out I was pregnant in P3. While I didn't gain a ton of weight during pregnancy, I sure packed on the lbs. beginning 4 months after he was born. Those nursing cravings did me in. So this isn't my first round post baby. I'm doing the 6 week/40 day cycle and I'm hoping to lose 30lbs. I know that's a lot but I know with the support of this group, I can do it!
  6. mtm7012
    hi everyone my names jo im new to this site and new to this diet. im doing the drops and am on vlcd 3. am definitely looking for some support to get thru the next few weeks. ive suffered depression and the weight piled on due to comfort eating and i guess hiding from the world.. but now im in a better frame of mind i know its time to get into a better frame "body frame" that is ive loads of weight to lose but i know if i can beat depression i can beat the weight :-)
    pre load weight 175.7kg
    post load weight 177kg
    cw 173.1kg 3.9kg loss so far
  7. hopesam2017

    I just started HCG. Hoping for positive results. Looking for some support in my journey.

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