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  1. dap8170
    wondering if anyone else is having a kinda stall? I am not actually sitting at the same weight but pretty dang close. I thought I"d be loosing faster than this!

    4/30/11 194.8
    5/01/11 194.4
    5/02/11 194.0
    5/03/11 194.0
    5/04/11 193.6

    it's a bit frustrating cause I'm doing everything I can to stay exactly to protocol!
  2. shortvg
    Hi Dap

    Post your diet for the last several days and how you are fixing the food. your right your losses should be a little more.....this is your second week so overall, how much have you lost?
  3. dap8170
    let's see, EVERY DAY I eat :
    Lunch: Chicken breast or Steak cooked in the fry pan NO OIL
    Tomatoes, cucumber or broccoli

    Snack is either Apple or Strawberries
    dinner: Same as lunch just swap the protein and veggie
    Snack is either apple or strawberries
    I don't like veggies so I'm sticking to what I do like to eat.

    I was eating 3.2oz cooked I think I wasn't eating enough meat. I just upped to 4.0 oz to see it that helps.

    I started April 25 was my first VLCD after loading and I was 203.4 weighed today and i'm 193.2
    5/6 193.2
    5/5 193.4
    5/4 193.6
    5/3 194.0
    5/2 194.0
    5/1 194.4
    4/30 194.8
    4/29 196.0
    4/28 196.8
    4/27 198.0
    4/26 200.2
    just to give you an idea of how SLOW things are moving!
  4. shortvg
    Hate to say but you are 'average' (as am I). The average is .5-.75 per day over your 12 VLCD days. .85 a day average.

    Technically, broccoli is not protocol. I did it last round and my doctor actually says it's ok. You don't want to eat more protein and you must weight is raw. I find personnaly that the closer I am to 500 calories a day I have better losses.

    I'm hopeful you are tracking.

    How much water do you drink a day?

    You may also want to try switching the apple. Try a 1/2 grapefuit (do you like it?). Some people have problems with apples.
  5. dap8170
    I do like grapefruit, apples are just so dang convenient! I will pick a few up today! Down .6 today so that's good 192.6!! I'll take it. My water intake has been lower on weekends I have to remind myself to drink it for some reason.
  6. dap8170
    been at 192.2 for 3 days now! this is frustrating! Had a skip day yesterday and ate well and felt great, I'm lowering my dose to .4 to see how that goes cause I wasn't hungry on my skip day at all.
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