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Introduction rogue hcg and my interesting ROGUE p3/JUDDD/alternate day diet

  1. olife23
    Hi everyone in the hcg family.

    So i started hcg in September after receiving an email on hcg as spam. At first ignored it for a month then i decided to do research and found a whole community on it. I decided to purchase the intermountain drops and i started my first round in september. I loaded but i did not load well so i had so much hunger and ended up quitting hcg after 5days after losing 5lbs. However i cheated EVERYDAY, i ate two slices of whole wheat bread evry morning but still managed to lose 5lbs over the 6days. I knew this diet worked but i had suffered so much with hunger over the five days and i did not know anything about adjusting the drops at the time so i just quit and went back to exercising and i turned to atkins.

    The atkins story.... Atkins helped me maintain the 5lb loss but i found that i wasnt really losing weight because i would cheat here and there since i have weakness for sugary drinks. BIG weakness.

    In about early November, i decided to do give hcg one more shot.Starting at 165.6lbs after loading. But this time i got the intermountain pellets. I felt waay better in terms of hunger and i lost a crazy 11lbs in 6days, after gaining 5lbs from loading. After day 6, i started cheating and gained 3.1lbs, did an apple day on vlcd11(only ate 2 apples all day) and lost 1.8 putting me at 156.3. Unfortunately the hunger was too much so i quit hcg but i was happy i had lasted 11days instead of the last time where i did 5days. Instead of doing p3 atkins style, i ate whatever i wanted and went back up to 160lbs! argh! So i went right back to p2 on november 21 and then TOM came 2days later, and we al know TOM comes in with huge cravings and even the pellets couldnt control the hunger so after 5days(i lost about 4.4lbs, weight=155.6lbs) i decided to go right back into p3. This is where it gets interesting....

    So I know when you stop hcg you must continue 2days of vlcd with no hcg but i couldnt survive because of TOM's hunger and cravings lol. So i went right into p3. I have been doing p3 for almost a week now but ive been eating whatever i want, only that I have been using JUDDD/Alternate day diet. So my ldw was 155.6, ive been waking up to 156 or 156.6 at the most. I keep my down days to 500 calories of whatever i want and i keep my up days to 2000calories even though i have been goin over that number. The other day i had 3000calories on an upday. I also exercise 3times a week at least even during p2 i exercise as well(which usually leads to a stall/low loss the following morning). Ive been eating carbs EVERYDAY in one way or the other and stabilising pretty well. Its quite shocking but i think this JUDDD thing has really helped alot.

    I thought i would share my experience because im sure there are many of us who struggle with hcg and sticking to it but even though i have never done a complete round on hcg, i find that all the weight ive lost from it, ive kept most of it off especially since i exercise at least 3times a week, with no fail. Im pretty sure i will never do a full round because im always in situations where im tempted or i just need to eat for one reason or the other LOL but i still have had alot of success with hcg. Since i started hcg and exercise ive lost only 10lbs but ive also lost 12% of my body fat which is my main aim to lose body fat since the number on th scale isnt my main concern.

    My next experiment is to do juddd with hcg and keep it as low carb as i can... i'l be starting on 8 Dec 2012
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