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Are you doing the 23 day plan? The 43?

  1. csteiler
    I am just curious how long you all are going for P2. I was planning to go 23 but have decided if I don't quite make my goal I'll extend P2 by a few days. How long are you guys planning to go?
  2. harpesd758
    I am doing the 43 day Injection plan. Today was my first day I had to wait until TOM passed. So I'm excited about this adventure.
  3. Jenn
    I just found this group! I started mid-Feb. I am going 30 days on the shots through my doctor (RX)
  4. Deana

    I just found this group. I started on 25th of Feb and I am doing 45 days. I also, do the drops.

    The hardest part is, I will be off this stage as of April 12th and I start my two wk vacation on 16th of April.

    I am still trying to located a scale that isn't huge and I can pack in the suit case. Any ideas?

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