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End of Day 1

  1. Sus
    Well, I had a big olí shrimp salad for lunch, drank lots of water and tea. then for dinner I made a beef and asparagus soup and later ate a hard boiled egg and apple. But I only ended up with 407 calories!!! I felt quite fine all day but I decided not to exercise due to the lack of calories. Is this bad?
  2. slavetomywork
    Hi there, I just finished day 1 yesterday and am not really keeping track of calories, but rather doing what the diet says to do: 4 oz lean meat, handful of vegies, 1 apple, etc. I wonder if I am hurting myself by not counting. Any thoughts?
  3. Amethyst
    I think you are both fine =)
    If you start having problems THEN you can re-evaluate what you are doing... I have heard so many different variations that seem to be working. I think the science is backed by a good plan... but I think a few less or a few extra here and there wont make a huge difference... then again.. I hang out in the rogue forum now and then =p
  4. Jenn
    I had friends do it both ways (1 watched portion size and measured and the other counted calories) and both lost a ton of weight and kept it off. The only thing they did the same was both were very disciplined kept to "their" program and never cheated. both lost close to 25 pounds each!
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