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New Group! 2011 Newbies!

  1. Sus
    Any February Newbies please be aware that we have started a new support group. Please join us!

    My R1 P2 D3 (1st VLCD) begins in the AM (2/9) Wish me luck!
  2. slavetomywork
    I am in and on day 2. It's a little rough, feel a little lightheaded. Would like thoughts from others.
  3. Sus
    R1 P2 VLCD#4 DOWN 5.6 #s!!!

    Well, Iím a Newbie fo course, so I can only help you by comparing notes. I didnít feel light headed on day 2 but I felt a little hungry all day. I am feeling progressively better each day though, and today my food was SO delicious I could hardly stand it! And right now I feel quite full and satisfied after my dinner - I mean FULL! Each day so far I am being too careful, I guess, Ďcause I am having trouble reaching 500 cal. by the end of the day! I have to keep adding and egg white or a fruit to make up the difference... Hang in there! Itís supposed to get better and it is for me!
  4. Shancheer9
    I started in February and I start P3 tomorrow! Went from 191 lbs to 168.8! Would love to contribute to this group!!!
  5. Pam Peyton Reed
    Pam Peyton Reed
    Started Feb26 .. vlcd 2/28 .. did good first week now horrible ... a stall, then a gain, a loss for a total loss of .8 for the week as of yesterday, then a gain today of 1.4 ... have not cheated at all, drinking my water (over 100oz), no lotions, make up, which I have seldom used, is bare minerals, no oils there either ... just is so disappointing .. I even gained an INCH on my waist ... just not getting it.
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