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  1. mechel
    I'm a newbie to the forums, and a newbie to the program. I am doing the injections and going through a clinic rather than buying online. I like that they keep a medical record, they run tests to make sure I am burning fat not muscle etc. I started my load on Feb 13th, am down 9.2 pounds! I wont say I haven't been hungry, although it hasn't been awful. Looking forward to meeting people who are also doing the program, learning all the tips and techniques and losing all this darn weight once and for all!!


  2. Sus
    Welcome to the Newbies! I would love to hear the results of your lab work along the way :-) Glad it is going well for you! :-)
  3. brandnewkug
    I started the protocol yesterday. I am looking forward to seeing the results that so many here have seen. I'm also excited that there is a place for all to come together and share their experiences. Glad to be here, and thanks for having me.
  4. Tate
    Hey Heather (brandnewkug)--I followed you to this group!

    I'm on VLCD 13, using the homeopathic drops. I'm down 11 pounds and feeling great today. Glad to find this Newbies group!
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