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One thing this diet might cause.....Hate to bring up the topic..but I need help...

  1. Deana
    Hello Everyone,

    I hate to bring this up, but I really would like everyone's in put.

    Going on day 9 and the 4th day thought I was going to pass out. I had to take something to help w/ the constipation. Now, a week later again not feeling good.

    I couldn't finish my dinner tonight. I managed to eat a small apple, w/ what I was able to eat for dinner.

    I have tried the Smooth Over Tea, no luck. Any ideas to help w/ this would really be helpful.

  2. Shancheer9
    Aww Deana, I had the same problem!

    The Smooth Move didn't work for me so I went to a vitamin store and got a Senna natural laxative (same ingredient in the tea, just more concentrated) and a probiotic. I started with a half of a senna pill, didn't work and increased to a whole pill. Worked overnight and SO MUCH RELIEF. I try not to depend on this though - my doc suggested more leafy greens with meals.
    Hope you got some relief!
  3. CBS
    Try a salad. I spent the whole night in the bathroom after a salad w/baby spring greens, cucumbers and kelp.
  4. skatsje
    i don't know if it's allowed yet (i'm going to look it up) but if I'm ever feeling constipated in general, I use psyllium husks. Some psyllium husk in any beverage just works like a charm.
  5. skatsje
    I just looked it up and Psyllium husks are A OK for the HCG 0 cals and great in beverages. It gives kind of a tapioca like consistency to your drink if you let it sit. It also helps you feel full.
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