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Vitamins on P2

  1. ELVIE
    Hi all,

    I have a question. Do any of you take any vitamis? I just bought B12 and D and im wondering if its okay to take them.
    Thanx in advance.
  2. csteiler
    I am no expert but I read it's fine though you need to check to see if there is sugar in your vitamins. Tomorrow is vlcd1 for me. I plan on taking a whole food multi, B12, calcium and magnesium complex and biotin to help prevent hair loss. Good luck
  3. ELVIE
    Thank You Csteiler!
  4. Jenn
    My doctor said as long as there is no sugar and then to limit any "gel" type pills as there can be oil in them. I take One a day (well sometimes!) and he said those are fine.
  5. SeeHawkMomma
    When reading up on HCG before I started takin it those who had issues were not taking Vitamins, so I went with a one a day as well for Iron and Vitamin D.
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