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Well?! How are my fellow Newbies doing?

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  1. Sus
    I went to work for 12 hours today and I was so focused on this new VLCD Diet that I forgot to take my drops!!! I feel like such an idiot! I was down 2.2 lbs this AM! I can hardly wait to get up tomorrow and see what I weigh! I hope my blunder doesn’t get in the way... at least my calories are good :-)
  2. Careberr
    So how'd you do today? I have wondered what would happen if you missed a dose. I figure it would be like any other med..just take it when you remember. I'm only taking the drops 3x day so I just take it whenever but I do try to be consistant.
  3. slavetomywork
    Just finished day 1 and feel a little strange. The the officialhcgdietplan.com doesn't really advocate counting calories, only handfuls of this or that, so I am concerned about not getting enough calories. Thoughts anyone?
  4. Sus
    Oh, I didn’t know we weren’t supposed to count?! I just keep hearing how strict we are supposed to be so I’ve been counting VERY carefully! I use “Calorie Counter” app on my phone. If anyone reading this has an Android, I would highly recommend it! It scans barcodes and everything! But, yes, if you are feeling crummy and not counting I wonder if you are coming up short?
  5. Sus
    Oh, and to answer Carebear (sp?) I guess I did fine missing a dose, I still lost. after day1 2.2#, after day2 1.6# and last night only 1#. My missed dose was on day 2. I’m thrilled! How is it going for you!?
  6. Sus
    Where are all our other groupies?! Hey Groupies, how are you doing? Let us hear from you!
  7. JudRa
    My husband stuck a freshly opened box of Girl Scouts cookies under my nose and said sarcastically" Can you eat these?" Question- Do I kill him or make read Dr S protocol word-4-word?
    Happy Valentines Day!!!!!
  8. kelitaj
    hello i'm new to the group and have a question. I'm taking the homeopathic drops from NuMedica and it says 2 drops a day one in the morning and one in the evening. I get kind of hungry but not to the point i'm bout to pass out and die, its manageable. I read somewhere someone said to up the doses to 3x a day is that right won't that mess up the way it works? Please help I started on 2/8 and today 2/14 i'm down 7.8lbs, I guess i'm going good but need some advice. Thanks in Advance
  9. Kagee
    I'm new too. Officially starting next Monday - have to do it under a Dr's care with the injections and he wanted more tests before starting. - so, I'm hit or missing my pre-diet diet -

    JudRa - I might temporarily kill your husband if you can bring him back when he plays nice-nice.
    Good luck to all
  10. Sus
    So, JudRa, were they Thin Mints?! They ARE the best GSC, after all. We are all Newbies here so be sure to post your question elsewhere also. Sounds to me like you are doing well. My HHCG drops are 10 drops 3xs a day. I’ve never heard of your drops... But, again, I’m a Newbie too.
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