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Well?! How are my fellow Newbies doing?

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  1. Kansas
    Good luck to you thintime(and all)
    I'm new too R1P2D12 Had a 2 lb gain due to period 2 days ago but lost one pound today, go figure.
    I do the strict protocol only VEGAN which means , my 2 proteins per day are from a very specific shake(sunwarrior or pea pwdr)

    I miss guacamole, mixing vegies and wine. But I guess... nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

    I have had no problem keeping up my exercise routine daily(except one day and I think was due to period taking up too much energy)

    One weird thing, wondered if anyone has this. II'm not hungry until I eat lunch. then i want food food food the rest of the day till i go to bed. So, what I've had to do is eat lunch at 5 or 6 p.m., I know, I know but... then dinner at 8p.m then bed btwn l0 and midnite.
    Good luck all
  2. missiskippi
    Hello all;
    I am on subqinj; R2P2D10 my last round was drops, and I was always forgetting them at least once a day/ I only lasted 12 days that round, (xmas holiday) and still lost 17lbs. between xmas & my last start date I gained 9 back, but had went back to eating HORRIBLE - I am married to Mr. Cheeseburger. I started subq inj this time, and am using the forums, and I have a buddy that is local, which helps. I am down 10lbs in 10 days, and like Kansas, I sometimes get hungry after lunch. I have found that if I eat lunch at noon and save my fruit for 3pm snack, it helps. one of the hardest things for me to learn has been the difference between hunger & craving....I am very proud of myself. last night I passed up cookies & bday cake....I have heard that the FDA is going to ban HCG w/o RX. soooo, I am telling myself that I will always be able to get cookies, but dont know if I can get more HCG!!!
  3. thintime1
    IT'S WORKING!!!!!! down 7lbs!!!!!!!!!!! wwwoohhhhooooo
  4. Kansas
    I'm back where I started 6 days ago at 131lbs, gained and stalled due to period I guess. It's sad to think 6 days were wasted.
    I'll feel much better if I'm ever down half a pound tomorrow.
    13 lbs to go
  5. thintime1
    I'm on day 12, 10th day of VLCD. I've been doing well so far; however, this week has been a test of will power for me. This week my company has had meetings and birthday parties galore. Pizza, root beer floats, tacos, birthday cake, bagels, muffins (the good muffins too), cookies, chocolate, chocolate, and MORE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! My sense of smell has heightened because I can smell EVERYTHING...... IT SMELLS WONDERFUL.

    I must say I have not cheated at all because I know the first two weeks of VLCD is when you drop the most weight. But geeze louise the food mania needs to stop before I grab a taco out of a coworkers hand and make a run for it. LOL just kidding.

    Thank you for everyone that posts. It gives me great motivation to stay strong. So many people have stated to stay to the protocol and you will see great results. It's only 5 weeks.

    I love a quote that someone posted. "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"
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