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Close to end weight?

  1. mozals
    Hi - I am in R4 P2 Day 26, and am concerned how do you know when you have met your lowest weight?
    I have been true to protocol I am losing slowly, not as much as the first couple rounds but tend to fluctuate quite a bit. Just wondering if anyone has gotten to that point?
  2. sdwis
    What is your age, height, current weight, and bone structure?

    Sometimes women are so obsessed with the number on the scale, they end up losing the sexy feminine figure they were meant to have.
  3. Jenise
    I am curious why as we age do we need to weigh more? Is it because of hormone losses? I am 5'5, 51, and currently weigh 184. I gained about 70 pounds in the past 5 years. I have weighed between 125-140 my whole life, but hit a road bump a few years ago and began to really pack it on. (stresses in my life, too many to mention them) but now I have been struggling with my weight for the past few years and am currently on hcg. I am in menopause as well, which is not helping! UGH! I'd love to weigh more, but have more muscle, which I have failed to do in the past. Anyways, just rambling on. I do wish I knew what I should be weighing these days!
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