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Who is starting Phase 2, VLCD? I'm starting today, loaded over the weekend.

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  1. Blondie27
    Are there no discussions in this group, yet? I want someone to go through this with me! Stay motivated and celebrate our successes, we can do it! So many others have!
  2. PammieLou
    You're the only one here...but you posted in April are you still there?
  3. ggee
    Hello, I loaded over the weekend and today is my first day on the 500 Cal !
  4. c0me2gether
    Not sure very many people actually post comments on this site, but I'm on my third day of phase 2..
  5. veronicasaffin
    I just started....curious how you did.
  6. nancychapmon
    I started loading yesterday (2-6-15) so will start VLCD tomorrow. I did this about 3 years ago, successfully...until of course I sabotaged myself again later. This is a new day! I'm looking forward to melting, hoping to embrace clean eating afterwards
  7. Dakota
    So what is the difference between the old HCG and the new H20
  8. kitseera
    Glad to find this group. I am on load day 2. Also doing hcg frequency apps. Got the book on Amazon, makes so much sense. Did the origional diet 3 rounds 2011 - 12 using drops. Lost 50 lbs but always felt week and hungry. And would forget to take the drops. I am hoping the 2.0 and frequency apps will remedy both problems. I am stocking up on frozen fish, and canned tuna. You can eat a lot more fish ounce / ounce than beef for 100 calories.

    Dakota asked what the difference with hcg and hcg 2.0 In a nut shell more protien, less carbs, slightly more calories. I highly recommend the book. Got mine on Amazon using prime free shipping.

    Anyone else loading now
  9. r4eboxer
    Hello all!! I have done hcg in the past and was a member of this forum. That was in 2011, since then I have lost and regained weight. It's my trademark in a way lol. I have done the 500 calorie diet with and without HCG. I never had as much success as I did with HCG and this forum. I was unaware of the HCG 2.0 program until signing into the forums and seeing this thread. I just bought and downloaded to my kindle the book from Amazon. I hope to do as well on hcg 2.0 as I did on the original diet.

    I loaded Thursday and Friday (though Friday was really just a normal eating day for me, I find it very difficult to load when working) So today is day 1 of Phase 2 for me. My starting weight is 185.2 and I'm hoping to lose 30 lbs in 36 days. I really enjoyed this forum on my first round of the HCG diet and found it to be very helpful keeping me on track. I hope there are some others who are in the early days of HCG. I'd love to go through this journey with a few friends.
  10. jessica16
    How r things going with the HCG 2.0 im thinking about giving it a try?? I have done HCG drops twice now and I think this plan looks a lil more manageable !! So let me know whats up peeps!! thinking about starting 3rd week in april!!
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