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Just joining!

  1. sherrieef
    Hey everyone! I am an "old" newbie. I did my first round back in 2011. But I always did drops or pellets. I am now starting with injections. I will be starting my loading days here soon. Im very nervous! I know nothing about injections and hope to get it right! I look forward to group support to help me get through it.
  2. jessrand
    Hi! How is it going so far? I am on Day 5 of P2! First time doing injections as well!
  3. mrstrsims
    Hi everyone,
    I am to the HCG injection and VLCD. I started 9/13/15 and I lost 10 lbs in the few week. I am incorporating some cardio and tone exercises in my daily routine. I wanted to know if anyone knows how this will affect your monthly cycle?
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