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  1. WineRose
    I was curious to see how many people are hypothyroid and turning to the HCG diet. Please share your experiences, no matter what phase you are in.

    I am R1/P2/ Day 4 Today I was thrilled to log my first loss. I lost more today than I have in the last 3 months on my own without the HCG diet!

    It would be interesting to find out if others with hypo exercise at all on P2 VLCD, when you take your HCG in relation to your thyroid medication, and what form of HCG is working for you.

  2. mekayla07
    WineRose..... Hi, alot of great questions you have. I was wondering on alot of them too. I have just started on hcg, day 5 of round 1. I am using the pellets. I take my thyroid meds first thing in the morning and take my hcg @ 10am and then 4/5pm. I too am losing more with this diet. I have seen the scale budge just a bit when trying on my own. That includes going to the gym and it was very disappointing. I am not exercising now. I do want to start something light maybe walking or yoga? Any suggestions?
    I had my last baby in July and weighed more now than when I had her...I know not good at all.
    So now hopefully I will get to the 220s sometime next week, that would be lovely. How about yourself?
  3. WineRose
    Hi mekayla07! Thanks for sharing.

    I can only lose weight on my own if I exercise a lot, but due to back pain it was always so difficult.

    From what I have read so far, and from what my doc has said, (she did the diet too) it seems safe to do gentle exercise at least until you know how your body will react to it. I tested the waters last night and did my stationary bike for 10 mins. It went well and helped the little bit of hunger fade too. This weekend I plan on going for a walk with my hubby. The weather is suppose to be sunny in Washington this weekend! Let me know if you try exercising and how it goes for you. :-)

    I take my thyroid at 6:40 a.m. and then my hcg shot at 7:15 a.m. So far so good. My doc for the diet is my primary care natropath, so she will check things out when I see her again in about 2 weeks.

    How are you feeling on day 5 or round 1? I'm on day 4 (day 2 of VLCD)?
  4. barblg
    Hi all! I was diagnosed with Hashimotos about 6 years ago and put on Synthroid and saw a dietician. I did well with the way my dietician told me to eat but it still did not help me lose any weight. I could lose weight very very slowly. I would take me a month to lose 2-3 pounds and I had to be perfect and the once time I indulged it would take only 1-2 days to wreck that entire month's work and it wouldn't just drop back off either. That cycle leads to frustration then giving up.
    This diet has been the answer for me. I was worried at first because I thought it would make it harder for me to lose but it seems almost as if this diet were taylored for us with endocrince/metabolic issues.
    I had prelabs and post labs done after i completed round1 and my TSH went from 6.8 to 3! All my other labs improved also like my glucose and A1C. I really do feel this is the answer for a lot of us!
  5. mekayla07
    Wow so we have alot in common here. I am feeling fine, have had some hunger issues, but I have stuck with it. this is day 5 for me and I'm down 9.4lbs. So this is definately something I am struggling to stick to as I am an emotional eater, that gets tempted in the evenings. I have stuck with it so far with no cheating.
    I will try to even out my doses so that I get them equally. I usually take all my supplements around noon so that I know that they are at least 4 hours after taking my synthroid.
    I am going to do the walking this weekend and will let you know how that goes. Good job on the exercise I know it is important if you dont want the saggy skin!!
  6. DriverMama
    If you have hunger issues, your dose probably needs to be adjusted.
    Find Grammy1952 for the best advice. If you want, I can try, however Grammy (Colleen) has experience guiding people not only on the forum but also in person where she lives.
    Also, find one of the threads on the forum where you are comfortable and make it your "home thread". Then commit to reporting in honestly (to/for yourself, not anyone else) on a regular schedule. I report in once a week at this point. In Re-Round 1 I needed to report in daily for the feedback. On my home thread, we are hCG oldies and don't check in daily, so it's too slow if you need daily feedback - it's been my support group/lifesaver:

    My home thread:

    My hypothyroid has been barely under the radar all my life. I've tried since I was in college to get a doctors attention about it, but my "tests" were always "normal". Even with a strong family history of hypothyroid, I couldn't get the attention of a doctor. My TSH was always "normal". But I never went to an endocrinologist until my oldest son was deployed to Iraq in 2003 and I had "real" symptoms - nodules on both lobes + goiter. (In 2002 I lost 45 lbs on the Atkins diet eating a lot of Atkins bars, which were (are?) made with soy flour.)

    Recently I read about WTS (Wilson's Thyroid Syndrome) and that's what I think I had. Once diagnosed, it is easily treated within weeks to a few months and the patient is back to a "real" normal.
    Perhaps, if it had been diagnosed many years ago, I might still have my thyroid. . . but that is just wishful thinking on my part.

    It amazed me to recently read of the evidence that ANY (un-fermented) soy product INCREASES TSH and causes the body to attack the thyroid

    http://articles.mercola.com/sites/ar...soy-brain.aspx ~about half-way down the page
    http://books.google.com/books?id=rFF...page&q&f=false ~scroll down and see the beginning of info on WTS

    Here's a link in to a review of all my hCG rounds so far, with EXERCISE info and my surgery dates included, for anyone who is interested.
    Well, it doesn't look like it's a clickable link so you'll probably have to cut & paste the "link" to arrive @ that entry in my blog in this forum :

  7. DriverMama
    Here's another article to consider:

  8. DriverMama
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE coconut oil in Phases 3 & 4.
    Just DON"T use coconut oil for LOADING because it will NOT go into your fat stores.
    Coconut oil is digested primarily in the stomach & goes directly into the liver. (Other fats are absorbed in the intestines.)That means it is used quickly as energy because it bypasses the normal digestion of other fats in the intestines. This also means it is NOT converted into the fat stores in the body. That is exactly what we don't want when loading and why we load on fats that WILL be converted into 3 days worth of fat for our bodies to use during the first three days of loading.

    Here's some more info about the discussion of coconut oil and thyroid function:

  9. penney777
    Hi, I am hypothyroid and on the HCG diet (injections). I lose well when I diet, but it always comes back on pretty quick. I am on the generic version of Synthroid.
  10. LisaAPB
    Thanks for the invite! I lost weight very well in Round 1, exceptionally well compared to the last few years of trying. I have discovered that it isn't just hypothyroidism that was bothering me, I was insulin resistant and headed for Type II diabetes. I exercise while in P2, and then ramp it up in P3 because I want good solid toned muscles which I think help overall health. I take my thyroid meds first thing in the morning with a full glass of water, and then take nothing for at least 30 minutes. My first round I did sublingual drops, and the second round I went to injections. Losing weight is correcting some of my metabolic issues, including my hypothyroidism, and I certainly feel much better.
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