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taking synthroid while on HCG

  1. princesshendy
    Hi, I just started the HCG diet , this is day 4 of VLCD. I'm still taking my Synthroid for Hypothroid, before bedtime. Feeling really hungry and out of sorts since day 2 of VLCD. Should I adjust my drops? (taking 4 drops 3 x day from HCG BodyShaper) , or should I go back to taking synthroid first thing in the morning?
  2. mekayla07
    I would recommend taking it first thing in the morning. I have never heard of taking it at night. I have always taken it upon waking up. Then I take my hcg about an hour later. See how that works for you first, and then look at adjusting your dose. You shouldn't have any hunger. Someone else posted you should spread your drops at least 6 hours apart. This is what I have started doing and I am forgetting to eat. i hope this helps you.
  3. Cindylouwho17
    I had graves disease about 13 yrs ago so they killed my thyroid with radioactive iodine. I take levoxyl and cytomel for mine at 7am. Then I do my HCG at 8am. My body is very sensitive to changes with my thyroid. Once I started taking vitamins in the am with my thyroid pills and like a week later I was all messed up/tests came back crazy. Mekayla07 - How long have you been doing the diet? I question how well this will "reset" the metabolism since I don't have a self functioning thyroid. Thanks
  4. Talinda
    I also just started HCG I also take levoxyil and my doctor had me taking it at night also,Ive been HCG now a week and I have also been SOOOOOOO hungry.Im also diabetic,I have gotten to where I was so hungry and I could feel my sugar dropping,not good.So far I have not lost 1 pound yet.I called the company they told me diabetics are allowed 600 - 1,000 cals. a day and should still see results,well,Im still waiting.I am open to any and all suggestions.
  5. MontanaRoseMeg
    Good to know this group is here. I am on Round 3 of HCG and I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidisim when I took the blood test to start HCG with my Dr. I started taking synthroid in my 1st round of HCG and it seemed to all work well together.
  6. PomMom
    I take armour thyroid
  7. laurag99
    well i have been taking synthroids for my thyroids since i was 3 years old in run in my family only in girls which it is me and my sister. and i have been taking thehcg drops 3x a day 10 drops for about a week now .i take my medication first thing in the morning then i take my hcg drops.i also was feeling so hungry but then they told me to adjust my drops so i was doing 8 drops three times a day and it helped .i have lost 5 pounds so far i was struggling alot because i was always hungry and also wasn't sure how to organize my food.sometimes i still feel hungry since we can only have two veggies and two fruits a day i have an orange in the morning and apple mid day as a snack thats seems to help .
  8. AmyParker
    I just started taking HCG shots on the 21st...am on day 2 of VLCD. I guess I am considered phase 2 (?) as I didn't do a detox phase??? My Dr. had me do 3 days of gorging instead of 2. I gained 9 pounds that three days but this morning I was exactly back to my starting weight. I take Armour and levoxyl around 7 am and my shot around 7:45. I was very hungry yesterday but realized it had been almost 8 hours since my lunch. I've had no hunger today at all, but did start to get really tired around 1 pm...and realized again that I hadn't eaten all day. The only issues I seem to have are not "needing" to eat and forgetting. I did have severe stomach cramps this afternoon about an hour after eating and then my body "purged" itself...but my Dr. warned me that I would probably detox the first couple of days of VLCD and I have a hyper sensitive system. I am doing this diet to lose fat to help get my estrogen levels back to a normal level. I had a full hysterectomy over 2 years agoand do not supplement my estrogen..but my levels keep going up. I'm hoping by losing 30 pounds, to lose some extra hormones too.
  9. adjustedstone
    According to my Dr. you have to take the synthroid/levo first thing in the morning and with nothing else. He said it must be taken on an empty stomach and wait 30 minutes before drinking or eating anything other than water.

    I don't know about the rest of you but I have had a very hard time with hypo. I went undiagnosed for 4 years and I had every symptom know to hypo. I never had a weight problem in my life in fact I had to drink nutriment to keep weight on. This weight piled on and I have tried very diet plan known. I accidentlly stumbled upon the hcg diet when I was searching for a tutorial to inject b12. I have b12 for the exhaustion from hypo. I came across a youtube site mshcggirl instruction for b12 and information on hcg. I decided I had to do it and I am on VCLD 17 and have released 15 pounds. I am very excited. I did have some hunger at 125 but increased my injection amount to 150 and now I am fine.

    Happy releases.
  10. Shuga
    I was told by my endo doc to take synthroid sublingually preferrably in the middle of the night. Which is easy b/c I go to the bathroom around 4-5AM.this allows for complete absorption on an empty stomach. I wondered if I could ever lose this weight but I have released 20lbs in round one.now the big test will be if I can maintain in P3 & 4. Hope this helps
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