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Day 8 VLCD and headache for last two days !!

  1. CarolineG
    I have had a headache the last two days.....lost 10 lbs already which is unbelievable for me .....i am hungry but am coping .....has anyone else needed to combat headaches.

    If it was in the first few days I would think it is sugar withdrawl or caffeine but day 8.........i know fat contains toxins so in a way not surprising....i am wondering whether i should increase food uptake slighly........what is my body trying to tell me.

    Anyway how are all you out there doing !!!!!! Would love to hear from anyone...feel a bit out on a limb x
  2. ethansmom
    CarolineG congratulations on your ten pound loss! Good for you. I am on vlcd 4 and my headaches went away after vlcd 2, which I am sure were due to the caffeine withdrawl. I am new to the diet too, but from what I've read you shouldn't feel hungry on vlcd 8 if you are eating the full 500 calories. Maybe your dosage needs to be adjusted? If you add a drop or two to each dose you should know fairly soon if that is why you feel hungry. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

    I'm on vlcd 4 and have lost five pounds. I only gained half a pound after load in, but I feel good on the diet so far other than the slight headache I had on vlcd 1&2. I don't usually feel hungry, but when I do I drink a cup of hot tea and feel better. That helps when I feel like I want to grab a cookie or a piece of chocolate too, lol! I only lost one pound today and I am convinced it is the ONE bite of red velvet cookie my son shared with me last night.
  3. SipRedWine
    Are you doing drops or injections??? Did you totally cut out caffeine? I have a sugar free red bull every morning. I couldn't do without it! Are you using the MyFitnessPal app or website??? Try having a cup of coffee and one tylenol and if your headache is gone then you know it is the caffeine. You should not be hungry by now, so either your drops or injections need to be adjusted. I do injections and mix them with B-12. Because I shoot into subcutaneous fat I do 130 iu instead of the 125 for IM shots.

    Started HCG in June of 2012 - Did a 26 day round with a doctor and lost 25 lbs. 174lbs!

    Round 2 in September - not a good load - did 40 days and lost 15 lbs. 159 lbs!

    Kept it all off until December 20th when I knew I was going to do another round in Jan anyway and went a little crazy with all the holiday treats, eggnog and chaampagne. Gained 6 lbs. 165 lbs!

    2 load days and LOADED! 167 lbs

    Those holiday lbs and load lbs fell right off and now I am on the right path again.

    R3P2D6 Down to 158.4 lbs!

    I am thinking about doing two short rounds instead of 1 long one. I got bored of the food and a little resentful toward the end of the LONG round. I have enough stuff and it seems like the weight comes off easier and stays off better after short rounds. (Or maybe it was just the holidays) And if my 3 rounds so far are a good indication... The better the load, the better the loss.
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